Elite Rizer compatability

Anyone know if the Rizer works with Tacx NeoT2?

Not officially, no. The Neo doesn’t rotate around the rear dropouts as would be required.

It’s possible with modifications as per

That said I’m not sure I’d risk either my bike or trainer being damaged. Plus the slope simulation isn’t fully integrated when using the Rizer & Neo

Ok thanks. But, boo

Thanks, disappointed but good to know

I have a Tacx Neo 2T and just got a Elite Rizer. Even though everyone says that the Tacx 2T is not compatible I would disagree. If you pick up the front of your bike and it will rotate up and down freely it will work with the Rizer. I have been running the Rizer with my 2T for about a month with no issue.



You may be lucky with your bike design that allows this. For many the negative percentages are an issue with the chainstays and rear brake calliper coming into contact with the Neo.

Also how do you find the accuracy of the slope simulation?

Guys, i added the Elite Rizer compatibility in QZ! This means that you can have Elite Rizer with ALL the trainers! Join the github community of QZ!

Actually it works very well with the 2T. Accuracy is spot on with only a very slight lag on say Titan grove where you have a lot of very short quick hills. I’m running my Pinarello F8 rim brake bike on it so I guess on that frame there is no issue with frame interference on the non drive side but I could see that could be an issue with another frame.

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I will have a look at my frame to envision potential interference. I’m using an older cross bike.
Or maybe I will just hang on till zwift starts sale of their tron bike :slight_smile:


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Huh, interesting…


search “QZ qdomyos-zwift github” on google. It’s not allowed to post link here



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Thanks for the info. I now own one too for my Tacx Neo 2T and it works great. The rizer connects easily to the neo with ant+. Just check if your bike can freely move up and down. If so you can use the rizer.

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I’m looking at this as well. Does it get slope information from Zwift and work with the Tacx 2T? I have rim brakes so I won’t have an issue with declination.

Hello, I have a question related to the topic: anyone knows if the tacx Flux 2 i compatible with Rizer? I saw it allows my bike to rotate on the rear hub. But it looks like none is talking about the Flux in terms of compatibility.

I got mine setup yesterday. It did work with my bike (a scott speedster), but haven’t tried the zwift downhill correction on the rizer so have not bottommed out. It may interfere right at the very bottom. Will need to check. I found that on a short route with sections at 8 and 10% the tilt it is not very noticeable. You have to look at the rizer to see it moving. This was on a short climb, so it maybe different somewhere else. Also it seemed the rizer always undercut the displayed inclination by 1 or 2%, or maybe it did not have time to react. Frankly I did not feel from this short test that the experience became more immersive.
What I did like is the cleaning up of the front of the bike, and the additional range of motion that the rizer provides both cross and lengthwise. Whether that’s worth 500 euros, not so sure.


I bought this week a Elite rizer and I have a Tacx lux 2 for almost two years now. Ik connected flowently and work like charm with Bkool.

The only thing is that te Flux isn’t designed to rize. I’am work out an idee to use a hollow axle from a quick release and adjust the quick release adapters that hase been deliverd with the tacx.

I was wondering if you desided to buy one?