Tacx Neo 2T with Elite Rizer

Hi, I have a tacx vortex and sterzo steering and looking to upgrade.

I use a alloy cannondale synapse with rim brakes.

The combo I was looking at is:
Used Tacx Neo 2T (or new elite xrt if it doesn’t work)
Elite Rizer

I have asked suppliers and get mixed messages which is understandable as it’s a Elite product ideally for Elite trainers. Does anyone know if this will work please with any experience?

I have read about the 2T not pivoting, others say it does. Some put washers or bearings in, not sure where? I like the sound of the neo 2T with freewheeling and also option of not plugging in.

Thank you, new to Zwift :slight_smile:

I have the exact same setup.

Basically the axle of the neo doesn’t pivot so it’s your frame that moves against the resistance.
You can install some plastic washers which will lesson the strain on your dropouts.
You can also loosen the skewer slightly to lessen the pressure.

I’m using a carbon frame and have not had any issues so far. That said I’m not precious over the frame as it’s a spare.

The Rizer pairs seamlessly with the Neo.
There is sometimes a bit of lag between it adjusting the angle compared to what Zwift is reporting but it’s not that noticeable.

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Thank you Stuart. Sounds like a go then. It’s an old bike I’m using so not worried about the frame. If you have any details on the nylon washers that will be great, no problem if not, I can find that out :slight_smile: thanks again.

Some technical details regarding washers are in this post, although I couldn’t find a definitive off-the-peg answer:

Hi Roule, thank you. Could you be more specific in regards to the size please, I click buy now and it brings up a long list :slight_smile: thank you.

Sorry, Bobby, I can’t help you. Probably best to directly contact the author of that post, @B_I.G.Floor_NEO.

They don’t need to be big. Maybe 3cm diameter with a hole big enough for your skewer to go through. One each side of your dropouts so 4 in total. I’d put some grease on both sides too. Nothing technical, just to help the frame slide better.

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Thank you both, sounds simple enough :slight_smile:

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Hi Stuart, what settings are you using on the rizer please?
I don’t seem to be getting the full movement ie Zwift says -3% but unless I stop pedalling it stays around -0.5% on the rizer app?

I have 20%, 10% and 100% difficulty set up?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you set it up using the Rizer app?

There is a setting specifically for Zwift on there.

I have both set to 100%

This explains it.

I looked at reviews, that’s a really helpful link, thanks :slight_smile: I had the rizer and Zwift setting correct. Just changed the 100% setting in Zwift itself and perfect. Thank you :slight_smile:

My pleasure. Glad it helped

I just ordered these, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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They look good but how wide are they. They look large in diameter.
Also the depth may be an issue. Not sure you’ll fit them between the trainer axle & frame.

I used 3x 10x22x.01 washers between bike and frame, greased.
Then similar roller bearing between outer frame and trainer screw/nut (5mm width but no issues as outer frame). No issues so far, however, using an older alloy frame which I’m unlikely to use in the road.

About 3mm thickness, I got a used alloy frame to build as a trainer bike. There should be enough axle on the trainer to get me at least half of the drop out on the tacx axle. I ordered both 9 and 10mm. Just got the rest of the components for the trainer bike so this will be going down very soon.

So I used the above thrust washers but had to get some new endcaps made for the Neo. This way I can ride without worrying about slippage during a sprint. Works beautifully. I did need to spread the dropouts of the frame a bit to compensate but I chose a frame that flexes nicely with this set up.

Peter, perhaps you could provide some more photos of the parts and modifications you’ve made?

I too had contemplated a similar project. The perfect solution would be Tacx offering new thru-axle adaptors for both drive and non-drive side that included a bearing to allow the outer section of the adaptor to rotate.

I purchased a frame just for trainer use, it takes a QR. I made these endcaps to accommodate the thrust washers.


Hallo Peter,

Kannst du eventuell von diesen Endkappen noch mehr herstellen?