Steering On Repack Ridge

Hi there! I‘m using a Wahoo Kickr Bike, since the latest update one can even steer on the Mtb track. Well, if we don’t use the steering Buttons, the avatar will guide himself through the track and den 8,5 stars out of 10. If we use the steering buttons, than we only get 5,5 stars. Has anybody experienced the same thing happening??

Going to give this a go tomorrow. Was it hard free steering with the buttons? Seems like it would be hard to be accurate.

Well , you just have to minimal push the buttons otherwise you oversteer it. But like I found out, if I didn’t steer at all , the avatar found it‘s own way and earned up to 8,5 Stars

Yes seems a bit pointless in that case :thinking:

Same with me - no steering gave me 8.5, and when I tried to steer I got less. I guess they are still tweaking this!

Thinking about writing to Zwift, if they are aware of it, kind of glad that you have the same experience, cause I already thought it might be my equipment . Thanks for the feedback. Cheers