Steering on Kickr Bike!

As both an engineer and a MTBr I want to steer on Repack Ridge. loosening the headset and applying some high viscosity lubricant, my new Kickr bike can now steer using the ZC. This works VERY VERY well! Much better than buttons! This suggests such an obvious way for Wahoo to upgrade the Kickr Bike. Also visible is my temporary mock up for simulating MTB handlebars. Wahoo could easily design a steering wheel like this, as this is a modular component of the bike. But til then I’m sticking with this hack. Zwift need to capture the MTB community!!

Wow, this is creative!!

Wahoo is not part of Zwift and Zwift is not a part of Wahoo, and additionally, Zwift is not the only cycling app, so it would be strange if Wahoo Fitness had upgraded their Kickr Bike just for the realism of Zwift MTB steering…

Reportedly, Zwift is working on its own bike trainer. They might do it! I would guess, it should be spring loaded…

That’s a great idea. I was thinking about doing a similar mod to my Kickr Bike.

I agree that the button steering is weird. First, I don’t like how the action is “binary” (there is no gradual turn, it’s all or nothing). Second, I don’t like how it automatically returns to neutral/center (the turn always returns to straight).

My idea would be to make it more like a ratcheting mechanism with a release to return to center. Each push of the steering button would increase the steering 1 degree.

For example, for a long and gradual left turn, you might click the left button once (to give yourself 1 degree of turn). At the end of the turning period, you click the right button once to decrease your turn 1 degree, effectively returning to center.

For a sharp turn left turn, you might need to click the left button multiple times (let’s say 6 times for 6 degrees of turn). Then, once the turning period is over, each click of the right button would decrease the turn by 1 degree. In other words, 6 clicks of the left button would take you from center to 6 degrees left. Then 6 more clicks of the right button would take you from 6 degrees left to center.

A push of both buttons could also be used for a sudden return to center.

Agree with your points mark. Also, for a MTB perspective, buttons wont cut it. Losses the stem, through on some grease and give it a go on Repack ridge. It’s amazing how responsive it is. It’s also an easy mod for wahoo to make.

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Latest version

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Super cool. Can you post some up-close picks of the head tube/stem? Thanks!

My other idea was to use a torque sensor of fixed handlebars … and somehow convert torque to turning. A 3 axis torque transducer could be used so you can measure both twist and lean on the bars. Aggregate the axis together for a single turning vector!

Hi Mark, super cool idea! Maybe a few years down the road (no pun!) we’ll see something along these lines. But just adding encoders to the Wahoo head set would be huge. I’m assuming that the sterzo steering plate works this way, moreover the Zwift end of the software engineering is done. It would be hard to believe that Wahoo engineers are not thinking of such options! The only other real obstacle here is how little Zwift offers in the way of off road trails. It’s really too bad how under represented MTBing interests are in Zwift. I think this is a HUGE untapped market. So for example, Roadies are far more likely to ride year round here in CO than MTBrs because paved paths are more often rideable in winter than MTB trails at 9000 feet. Zwift would offer an alternative for them. Also, I suspect that MTBrs tend to be a bit more thrill oriented, and would take to the video game like experience of virtual trail riding. I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time before Zwift or one of the competing apps focuses more on off road.