Need Expert Zwift Help!

So it is clear that as of 1/29/21 I can’t access Repack Ridge. This is what has happened so far.
I got my Kickr Bick, Joined Zwift. With engineering and fabrication background it was obvious I could modify the handle bars on Kickr Bike to allow it to freely steer. This is an easy modification. Using Zwift Companion mounted to handle bars had a blast in Repack Ridge, steering through the course while working out. Then on 1/29/21 the initial pairing and ride screens showed for the first time for me the future works steering option using button side of Kickr handle bars. From that moment on the turn option onto repack ridge (come up right after bear climbing tree!) stopped appearing. Is this all coincidence or is it that with the presence of smart bike steering mode, smart bike (I.e. Kickr bike) can no longer access Repack ridge. I wish there was a way to speak to support. I’m a CO MTBr with a blog, was singing the praises of Repack Ridge, and now I’m frustrated. Does anyone have any more info than telling me I have to have my ZC sun key, etc. Done all that.

I am pretty sure that they haven’t updated repack ridge to use elite’s sterzo smart or the kickr bike. It only works with the old beta setup with the phone. Not sure when they will update it. I hope they do as well as add even more off road content.

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I am very confident that I read detailed information about steering on KICKR Bike (there was a separate article about it somewhere ) that Repack Ridge is currently not available. It was a development trail all the time, I am sure they will bring it back soon.

But the issue is the turnoff, it simply no longer appears?

I assume that’s because you’ve got steering paired on your Kickr bike, and as the release notes say, Kickr bike steering isn’t available on Repack Ridge yet.

So yes Steve, as I also suspected, that was it! This should be made clearer though in notes, as “steering not available to Kickr bike in Repack” does imply that “entrance is not available to Kickr bike in Repack”. But evidently it works that way. In my case though, I had fabricated a set handle bars for Kickr bike that are free to steer (easy with some welding and fabrication skills). I had mounted my phone on said handle bars and with ZC running I’m able to steer on Repack, that is until pairing update for steering update created the above difficulty. But now it’s simply a matter of not pairing the steering buttons on initial setup if one plans to reside Repack. BTW this “hack” works incredibly well, as I will soon show in a youtube video. latency is not bad, and it really makes for great virtual mountain biking and a great workout. Glad I can continue to do this, just had a best run yet today on repack! If Wahoo engineers are listening: Make an add on handle bar set with freely moving steering to pair with ZC with smart phone attached. Or better yet, use encoders in the head stem assembly and team up with Zwift for Kicker bike steering. In the meantime I’ll continue to use this mountain bike steering hack!

Been riding it and steering on Wahoo bike daily.

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