Let me ride Repack Ridge without steering

Subject pretty much says it. I checked it out the other day but I have a pretty stable trainer setup. Steering with my phone off my bike didn’t work very well and was distracting. I don’t really want to buy it build a riser with a turntable for the Repack Ridge course alone but I did think it was cool, and would like to be able to include it in my rides with Zwift keeping me on the trail.

If it worked but the mechanism you used was a bit average, steal your child’s frisbee and pop that under your front wheel (and if you dont have carpet, pop a towel under the frisbee). Works a treat and saves you investing in something that has limited use.

Supporting your vote because it everyone should be able to every route without special equipment.

I love this idea

I hate the steering thing and I have the Climb so I can’t get the sterzo. But the route is cool and punchy and it would be so fun to ride with no steering.

All for it.

Steering was a DOA in the first place.
Since i am keeping a close eye on time, effort and funds that Zwift is pouring into mind boggling stupid ideas, i have been on the lookout for riders with the steering indicator.

If i have seen 2 riders over the last 3 months, with steering enabled, that would be a lot. I cant even remember when i saw the last one.

I have tried it and it is NOT worth the effort or the money. If you have time to fiddle with gimmicks like steering during a race, you are not putting down a big enough effort.

But i am quite sure the Zwift board is still convinced that it will become the next best thing. Just as all the rest of their stupid mistakes and snail paced decision making.

Well I’ve tried Repack Ridge for the first time.

I don’t know whether it’s a joke or a stupid thing.
My phone is centered, everything is good to go, but the game is broken and my avatar swings from left and right at any little move.

I think we should be able to adjust the sensitivity of the steering

I think we should be able to adjust the sensitivity of the steering

There used to be an option for adjusting the steering sensitivity:
Steering on Repack Ridge
Is it no longer there?

It didn’t show up for me

Steering using the phone accelerometer was deprecated in favor of the sterzio smart which has had no proper support or improvements for about a year hence for most people its an expensive brick used to prop up the front week at best.

As others have stated , steering is a rudderless, half implemented feature with no real vision and until that changes is a waste of time and effort to get excited about.

I hear what you are saying why don’t zwift just do the honest thing and stop fooling us or themselves that they have any real roadmap for this , other than to garner some PR on the hope and expectation no one actually tries it to see it isn’t really steering at all , and just make the course a normal one .

Punchy climb rep route would be good I agree . Rather than try to repurpose this though , probably easier and more accessible to implement a detour that allows shorter lapping to the original Zwift KOM , or add a swains lane loop route to London.

It’s basically uncontrollable on a rocker plate with the companion app. Zwift says that steering is controlled via the iOS and Android Zwift Companion app. I would argue there are two more main reasons why you’d steer in Zwift: Currently in beta, steering is a FutureWorks innovation, helping you keep the stoke high. But yes, a key component of this is being able to use it to your advantage from a drafting standpoint.

This is a great idea. Especially since the steering isn’t actually working at the moment (broken in one of the latest updates) which means at the moment Repack Ridge isnt rideable AT ALL. Would be great to choose to ride without steering.