Steering on the road

I have only ridden repack ridge twice, and both times I have found it really enjoyable steering my avatar. I think it would be great to be able to attach your phone to your handle bars with companion running, and steer wherever you want on the road. This feature would make it feel like your actually riding, and not just peddling yourself to sleep

IIRC they thought about it but the feedback from the beta repack ridge found phone on handlebar steering wasn’t good enough. That’s why Sterzo came along (and smart bikes that have that capability).

Someone of a cynical nature might conclude that there was no commercial benefit from just delivering functionality , bu having partnership arrangements with hardware suppliers might well do .

Maybe that is why the Sterzio now also languishes unsupported in terms of the promised update to ANT.
Next partner integration comes along and everything else swept aside.

Having used both systems (Handlebar app and Sterzio there was little difference is the functionality as it was implemented. Yes the sterzio was a better more robust solution but there was little difference in how it functioned . Certainly more than good enough for the way it was implemented on the road subsequently… It would have allowed a far wider set of users to participant in the rudimentary funcationality of steering as it was implemented . That seems to not count for very much .

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Yeah, I got a Wahoo Kickr Bike with the button steering and it’s largely a pain in the ass. Causes the HRM to drop out if I don’t turn the steering off during pairing and other than things like The Alpe, doesn’t really do anything functional. On top of the fact it is not enabled for about 98% of the events on Zwift. Sure am glad I didn’t buy the Bike with any expectations for steering…