Repack Ridge not chooseable

Yesterday I wanted to try the MTB trail - Repack Ride but I did not get an option to drive it. :frowning:

I have the companion app paired, I see myself on the map, I even could see the trail on the map and on Zwift of course.
Started Dust in the wind, then up Titans Grove like described in zwiftinsider . com/find-zwifts-new-mountain-bike-steering-course/

Any ideas?
Is it possible for someone else?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

P.S.: Sorry for creating a new topic, but all I found are >2years old…

Sorry but Repack Ridge doesn’t exist any more. It got replaced by the gamified Repack Rush, which needs a steering device such as Zwift Play or Elite Sterzo.

thanks for the update.
so steering with a mobile device is not possible, right?

Evo CC have been running Repack Rush super sprint races recently, where steering devices are not mandatory. Might be other times, but I’ve seen them around 2030 GMT, Sunday and Monday.

Correct, I’m afraid. Zwift basically said that it didn’t work very well so they dropped it.

I think it was probably over 2 years ago when steering via a mobile was abandoned.

I miss the Repack Ridge track because it was going up and down. Repack rush is in my opinion somehow “normal”. btw. you can do it without a steering device… at least today it was possible.

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I cannot understand why anyone would want to steer. Zwift is for training. It’s not an Xbox game.

There’s all sorts of gamey stuff people love. Not me so much but you are transferring your preferences to a lot of people who don’t share them.


It won’t be for everyone, certainly. I was sceptical myself until I tried it, and I find it fun to be able to steer. But then again I don’t do workouts, and I suspect it’s not much use in those.