Cant continue riding after completing Repack Ridge


When I complete Repack Ridge, I cant continue to the road to do again. Zwift steering goes away but I can continue to pedal but it doesnt track the road. I go thru weeds and whatever is in the way. I see no controls to resume at all so I have to just quit the ride. It used to work but hasnt in the last few weeks. Not sure what is going on. I am using andriod tablet with my phone using companion. Not sure if I am missing something…ugh

For how long do you continue going off road?

Once I finish the coarse, steering will stop but I can keep pedaling. It will go as long as I pedal. I will even get to road but I end up under it…lol I ended up finding a similar issue in Bugs and Support and replied there. I didnt see before posting.

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