Zwift quits after completing Repack Ridge

I don’t know if it’s just me but I rode a workout today on Sand & Sequoias, a couple of minutes after completing the workout and going back to normal riding I turned around and rode Repack Ridge (the off-road steering test route) which I’ve ridden before and had no problems.

Today as soon as I left feedback upon completing the route Zwift just quit back to Windows. I lost my workout, my weekly riding goals (both distance and time) and had to go on to ride another 25km to complete them again afterwards. Also everything goes onto my Strava account after riding so I lost this as well.

I enjoy riding Repack Ridge from time to time, but won’t be doing so again if it’s just going to quit and not save… anyone else had this issue lately?

If you want to test it I think Muir and the mountain starts pretty close and you could just go straight there. I wonder if you lost wifi just before upload. Have you run the log file through ? It might have captured any wifi drop outs.

You should/might be able to upload the fit file with the correct date to strava (not the inprogress one).

Go to strava, plus sign top right, upload activity, then navigate to documents/zwift/activities


Since this happened in the past 24 hours, please see this support hub article and email your crash log to

Our agents can help read the tea leaves to see what happened.

+1 same problem here twice!

Yesterday my Macbook Pro quit following completion, exactly post review survey as Keir pointed out.

Today I figured it should work no problem, and it bricked upon finishing the review survey again.

Thinking this has to be a bug?

Same thing happened to me today. First time trying repack ridge, and as soon as I finished the completion survey zwift crashed. Running on Windows.

@Christopher_Payton and @SBChris

If the Windows app crashes please email support and attach the crash logs as instructed upstream.

For MacOS, locate the regular log files from the day the app crashed, and attach them in an email to please.


I’ve encountered this same issue and reported to Zwift support. Bug seems to be happening since latest update was pushed out and when using the feedback process via the Zwift App.

Workaround - At the end of Repack Ridge Route, click ‘Not Now’ when the feedback pops up - click it via the Companion App prompt… This just ignores and allowed me to carry on riding again without the Zwift app itself crashing. Worked for me 3 Ridge loops in a row before carrying in ride elsewhere.


Same here 3 times in the last couple of day sand it’s really pissing me off, it’s about the only interesting thing in Zwift, and since i’m here for a few more weeks with my broken collar bone I’d like it to work before I give up.

You can’t even seem to skip the feedback form which seems to cause the crash.

Macbook Pro 10.15 iPhone 13.3

@Keir_Wilkinson4776 @SBChris and @Christopher_Payton
Thanks fro flagging this up.
We’ve identified the cause of this steering-related crash on Repack Ridge. The fix will be in the next game update (tentatively early August 2020)


@shooj Thanks so much for letting us know, good news :+1:

Is there any way to recover the file after this crash?