Why I cannot enter Repack Ridge?

Tried several times, all courses, all directions but no arrow pop up to access the route, What am I missing?

Do you have the companion app open showing the map, without it you won’t get the turn arrow.

Also, when the turn for Repack Ridge appears as a turn option (which only happens when coming from the geyser side (reverse direction) it doesn’t say Repack Ridge, it just shows the box with “?”, or something like that, underneath.

Of course I have Companion open and working, forgot to mention, and tried both direction, nothing …

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  1. Make sure Zwift and the Companion app are both up-to-date.
  2. Make sure that Zwift and the Companion app devices are both on the same WiFi network.
  3. Pick one of the following routes (think these are correct)
  • Dust in the Wind
  • Muir and the Mountain
  • Quatch Quest
    IIRC about 3-3.5km later you should be seeing the “?” turn pop-up which is actually for Repack Ridge.

I just installed the Zwift Companion app (iphone 10) and the Zwift app on my Macbook pro today. I’m having the same issue.

I see the trailhead, and I road by it 5 or 6 times from both directions and I don’t see the pop up to turn.

I was doing the Muir and the Mountain route, and the Cape Epic workout.

Could it be because I was doing a workout, and not Just Ride?

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Try it when you are not in a workout. also make sure you see the map on the companion app.

I was chatting with one of our knowledgable employees, and he said he’s pretty sure you can enter Repack Ridge while in a work out as workouts occupy the ZC, preventing the steering from working. You should definately try it while not in a work out and see if it changes anything!


Never done it but I only see the turn arrow if I’m in free ride mode and I don’t see it if I’m doing a workout

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I’ve also never seen the turn despite always having the Companion app open, but based on what Gerrie says, I’m guessing that it’s because I don’t have it on the Map screen (I’m usually in the Messages page or Dashboard). I’ll try it tonight and see if it works for me.

To be clear, you should see the turn option pop up at the bottom of the Zwift screen just before you get to the turnoff. There should be two options that appear: one for the Titans Grove KOM and the other labeled with just a ‘?’. You’ll need to use the Companion app (or perhaps the keyboard if running Zwift on a computer) to select the ‘?’ option. This will then put you onto the Repack Ridge MTB route. Also, you have to be approaching from the ‘reverse’ direction (i.e. going past thermal pools, then the park lodge, then Jarvis the bear) in order to get the turn option. If you are approaching from the forward direction (i.e. through the desert, past Saddle Springs, then past the dinosaurs) you will not get the Repack Ridge turnoff as an option.

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Thanks kickRider, I bet it was because I was in a workout, I’ll try later in free ride mode

I finally tried this last night and was able to get in.

The shortest way in seems to be using the ‘Dust in the Wind’ route. IIRC, the entrance to Repack Ridge is ~ 2.2 miles from the spawn point. Basically, you start just before the left turn into Titans Grove and climb up to the entrance to Repack.

With the most recent Companion update, you can definitely see the trail on the map (it may have been there before now, but I never looked for it until last night).

I can confirm that you will not get the choice to enter if you are in Workout mode. Also, it seems like you can’t make a U-turn in Titans Grove to go back if you miss the entrance.

When you DO enter Repack - make sure you select ‘Let’s Go!’ at the prompt. I read much too hastily (which is to say not really at all) when I entered the first time and thought I was being given a choice about whether I wanted to try the steering or not. Since my phone isn’t mounted to my stem and I really didn’t WANT to bother with steering, I chose ‘Not Now’ and instantly found myself riding back on the road. Couple this with what I said above about not being able to make a U-turn, and it was a frustrating mistake on my part. I had to exit Zwift & start over - so I got to climb the 2+ mi up through Titans Grove. Again.

I thought the terrain was cool, especially the places where there are rapid ‘dips’ from descent to steep climb. It did a good job of simulating the singletrack experience.

I disliked the steering aspect immensely and I wish there was a way to disable it. Even if my phone was on my stem, I use a cyclops riser block on a rubber mat. I couldn’t turn the bars even if I wanted to. With the default steering sensitivity, it was impossible to keep my avatar on the trail holding the phone in my hand. I moved the steering sensitivity slider fully to the left, hoping it would disable it - but it did not. At least w/ it in that position, I found it much easier to stay on the trail.

I also thought it was silly that my avatar ditched the Canyon Grail I just bought in the drop shop and magically started pedaling a Zwift FS mtb. I thought the whole point of offering the new gravel and CX rigs was to enable you to ride them off-road too - but nope. Some of us have fun doing ‘stupid things’ on bikes with skinny tires IRL, Zwift! Let us keep the bike we choose at the start!

Overall, I like that singletrack is making its way into the Zwift world and would like to see more (perhaps as off-road ‘shortcuts’ between points on the map) - but I’d like to see the whole ‘steering’ thing be OPTIONAL. Otherwise, I doubt I’ll spend much time exploring it.

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If you make a U-turn you need to ride past the entrance to the next turn, then make another U-turn then you will see the turn signal.

you can only enter the dirt from one direction.

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I get that, @Gerrie_Delport - and I figured that would be the case. My issue is that I wasn’t able to make even the first U-turn, nevermind a second one. My Companion app was working fine otherwise, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t turn around.

You need to hold the u-turn button a bit longer. Also you need to be moving, if you are to slow you wont be able to make a u-turn.

see this Strava activity.

I tried several times. Speeding up, slowing down, etc. The game was having none of it. I didn’t try the keyboard though. Maybe next time.

Hello, do you have to be a certain level to try repack ridge? A friend of mine is level 8 and has tried to get on but hasn’t been able to.

No, you can get on it at level 1. (Is there a level 0?)

Hi Doug,

Your has to have the companion app running showing the map, only then will the turn to Repack be visible.