Getting into Repack Ridge

I road by the entrance to Repack Ridge close to 10 times this morning (5 times in each direction) and was never prompted to go in. Anyone else have this issue? I was riding a mountain bike, had companion running on my iPhone, running Zwift via my iPad and am level 11. What did I do wrong?

Hard to say without being there, but perhaps you didn’t go far enough past the entrance on your subsequent tries to get the option? And are you sure you didn’t get the option? I think it just shows up as ‘??’

I think the companion app needs to be on the map/game screen too?


Thanks both for the ideas. Will try again. I was looking for one of the typical route prompts so maybe I did miss it. Companion was on the map screen, but good to know that might be required.

Search the forum and you’ll find many threads on this topic. There is a specific sequence you must ride to get into Repack Ridge. Going back and forth will guarantee you don’t get in as it is not the sequence. Here is one of many threads that explains it: Repack Ridge entrace thread

I have recently heard that one needs to be at Level 12 in order to ride Repack Ridge is this the case?
I have only just joined zwift and am currently at Level 2.
I am able to find and access the trail every time without a problem, the issue I seem to have is that no matter what I do I can’t get the steering to function???
I have zwift running on a Windows 10 PC and the Companion App is running and functioning fine on my Google Pixel 3 XL
Is someone able to confirm this for me please???
Thanks… it’s very frustrating!!!