Repack Ridge Re-Route

Since acquiring the Mt Bike is now necessary to enjoy the Jungle Route again, and Zwifts accuracy on the Repack beta still feels somewhat wanting (can’t seem to get more than 8 stars!), it would be nice if Zwift could create an option to relocate directly to the beginning of Repack Ridge once the trail is finished instead of having to continue saving the game and restarting again to be closer to the trailhead.

I should also point out, that I’m surprised how much I do enjoy riding the Repack Ridge, though I’d like it better if there was a way to disable the steering requirement… would love an extensive gravel option through all the back country of Fuego & the Titans. Thanks Zwift.

Hi Wild Goose,
I just cycled left back to the start of Repack Ridge to start again.

I had to cycle past the entrance to the point where Zwift allows
you to choose the route, do a U-turn and choose the turn for
Repack Ridge again.
Thats if I have understood your problem correctly.
Cheers " Ride On"


thought of that as well, but it seemed it was faster to get back to the route by simply restarting… how long is that?

About 2km.


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Thanks Gerrie