Best mountain bike-ish routes?

Newer Zwift rider here.

I am looking for punchy climbs that simulate the typical off road terrain, so I am working my way through Zwift routes as the worlds become available in the rotation.

I haven’t tried New York’s “Everything Bagel”, but the elevation profile looks ideal.

Are there other routes in other worlds that are similar?

I haven’t seen much recent press/love on Repack Ridge… should I even look for it via Titan’s Grove?

Any thoughts on varied elevation routes are appreciated!

You should definitely try Repack Ridge. Here´s more information: Zwiftinsider on Repack Ridge

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I was going to look for it today, but I wasn’t optimistic on it being available, (even as a non-steerable option) based on the existing press.

Thank you!

Titan’s Grove is probably the closest to MTB like terrain outside of Repack Ridge. If you choose the Legends and Lava route it starts you on Titans Grove reverse then you could do u-turns at each end and do interval repeats. I sometimes challenge myself to ride it single-speed through the rolly parts.

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Haha, there´s a funny video about Repack Ridge on Zwiftinsider :rofl:

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Excellent recommendation on staying in one gear on the rollers. Dare I ask what trainer difficulty you use?

Repack Ridge is still accessible, and the steering worked fine on my phone. Thank you for mentioning it!

After I finished, my avatar kept going in a straight line, off-road, above/under the terrain. At one point I was 20 meters above some dinosaurs.

I normally run it at 100% and pick a gear that feels tough on the ups but doesn’t spin out on the downs. I have 2x gravel gearing on my bike so I don’t have issues finding a sweet spot gear.

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Excellent. I have my road bike on the trainer right now, so I bottomed out climbing the final section of the Ridge.