All I want to do is Ride!

Hi all,

Newby I’m afraid so maybe asking a few stupid questions. Please bear with me.
So I have a Tacx Neo 2 set up in my garage.
Downloaded the app and subscribed. Downloaded Companion app.
Have my Mobile phone on the handlebars and a HDMI connection to the TV. Got a Steerer block on the front wheel as I believe you need this for the MTB courses?
Can ride no problem on the normal maps with the road guys but as you can see I just want to go on the MTB courses.
How do I go about this as there are limited maps each week? I’ve look at so many tutorial but just get lost with it all.
I can find a MTB section in the training Ride Type. Does that take me to a MTB off road course.

Any help appreciated in sorting this.

Again, apologies if I seem clueless (which I am) :slight_smile:
Set Up

Hi @Ian_Pope, welcome to Zwift and the forums!

The only “MTB” course on Zwift lives in Watopia, which is always available to ride. You won’t find it on the route list, since it doesn’t have a specific route, it is just a manual turn off of the titans grove KOM. The best route to choose to get to it quickly is “Dust in the Wind” which will start you just outside the entrance to Titans Grove. As you climb up towards the KOM look for a manual turn to the right to take you to repack ridge.

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What Mike said ^^

Here is a video of GP Lama: LAMA LIVE: Friday Night MTB // Sterzo Smart on Repack Ridge - YouTube

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Hey Mike,

Appreciate the knowledge.
Dust In The Wind is locked and says Level 6?


hey Ian, cool setup.

I suspect you will be quite disappointed with Zwifts MTB content. Repack ridge is ok, but other than that, there are a few dusty/muddy routes, which is as close to MTB the platform currently offers.

The routes in the zwift world are all good fun, but just dont expect much in the way of MTB stuff.

I am an MTB’er and just use zwift as a way to get fitter and stronger, rather than an immersive off road experience!

its a shame they havent expanded MTB more, but fingers crossed one day they do add some more courses and bikes.

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Oh right, the jungle is level locked until you are at 6, that won’t take long at all. For now you can choose Tick Tock or Tempus Fugit and immediately pull a u-turn then manually turn left into titans grove at the first intersection you come to.

What are you using to run the game (not the companion app), I see you mentioned an HDMI cable to the TV, but what device is that cable coming from?

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I have a lightning cable adaptor from my iPhone to the TV.
I am running Zwift on the app from my phone also.
Is it possible to run both apps together on one device and still use the accelerometer on the phone for the steering function?


No, I don’t think this will work, you should have separate devices for the game and the companion app.

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Looks like I’ll have to invest in a laptop as my company won’t allow this sort of install…
Plenty of speculation of what spec needed. From any pc will run it to i5 processor, 8G ram and 1G graphics! Nothing is ever simple :joy:
What your thoughts on Laptop? :exploding_head:

Does it have to be a laptop? Laptops are very expensive compared to PCs for a similar spec, and they’re extremely limited in upgradeability.

@Dave_ZPCMR will be able to tell you how you can get a PC that will do the job for a price way lower than you’d expect.

Or you could get an Apple TV for “just plug it in and go” convenience. Somehow I don’t think that Dave will be keen on that option though!

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Intel 12th Gen laptops are just coming out…only ones I have seen are Alienware which are high dollar…powerful but high dollar.

You can build a desktop system either based on the Intel 12th gen or collect a bunch of used parts and do it cheaply.

All depends on your comfort zone. Personally I wouldn’t touch 5 year old electronics parts but stick with Intel 12th gen and NVidia…AMD GPUs are not good with Zwift (OpenGL is lacking) @Dave_ZPCMR has a facebook group with lots of good info and many examples in the thread of custom builds: ZPCMR - Zwift PC Master Race

Do you have separate internet or are you just using your phones data running the app on your phone and lighting connect to your tv?

The reason I ask this is I have a vacation home I spend several months a year at and there is no available wifi there I’m in the wait list for the skynet but it’s been forever. And if you can just get on Zwift with a phone and a lightning cable that may be my best bet for when I travel there. I just wasn’t sure that was a option till I just read your post. Guess I should start my own thread now that I’m thinking this lol :+1: