Repack Ridge steering broken

I’ve been trying to bike Repack Ridge several times in the last few weeks and the steering never works. It used to work when I started with Zwift early last year so I know it’s not a hardware problem, but now it seems to be broken.
This is really pity since this feature is one of the cool things about Zwift and I was hoping there would be more trails like that in the future…
Any solutions ?

Hi Tom, what steering set up are you using to ride Repack Ridge? If you’re using the Companion App then you might need adjust the sensitivity or shift the angle that you have it mounted on your handlebars at.


Sorry to hear that Repack Ridge steering hasn’t been working for you. I get how that can be frustrating.

I believe there was a known issue a few months back where the steering on Repack Ridge was not working, and so I’ve reached out to the team to get a status update on that issue.

That said, it’s unclear to me if your specific setup is one that would apply to that specific bug. My colleague Lucas inquired about your setup, and if you can provide us with more information, that’ll help us to investigate.

Otherwise, if you’d like to send our team a support request, we can more closely examine your account, and gather more information about your specific Zwift setup. You can reach us here.

Hey Steven and Lucas
Thanks for responding. So my setup is an iPhone XS with the latest updates and the Zwift Companion, also the latest update. I tried shifting the angle, but that didn’t work and the sensitivity bar never shows up. After the “Center your bars” dialogue comes up and I press start, the dialogue disappears but I still can’t steer. On the left side I can choose between “Center you bars” again or quit (and quit brings up that weird flying on the right side of the road bug, which means I have to restart Zwift…).
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi @Toms_Buddy

Oh, so you’re getting that “flying off the road” bug in Repack Ridge. That’s a known issue, and as far as I’m aware it’s been reproduced by Zwift’s developers, and they’re working on a fix. Thanks for flagging it up!

If you want to do another loop at Repack Ride, After you leave the trail, stop, unpair your Steering and pair it again and you have to ride back down the hill maybe 500m, make a u-turn and select the repack Ridge directional icon and you can ride again.

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