Phone Steering

Alright, Whenever you go to the Repack Ridge area that you can use steering on your phone you get a bug at the end where you endlessly go off of the map, you can see some of the pictures of the glitch I captured here also this includes mapping for where the glitch has occured.

Well that’s certainly an interesting looking route path, kudos on your commitment to finishing your ride even after you left the road. Looks like your avatar somehow got off the road and just continued in a nice straight line since it was no longer getting any route instructions. We have seen stuff like this before but it’s hard to troubleshoot and be certain if it’s the same thing without logs and some more details such as how consistently you’re seeing this. If you could submit a support email at Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift and include all of the log files from your Document/Zwift/Logs folder we can take a closer look.

It’s a known bug. See Did I found a bug? Flying over watopia after Repack Ridge

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