Did I found a bug? At least an undocumented feature: Flying over watopia after Repack Ridge

Found A Bug In Zwift :slight_smile: Free Steering And Flying

The bug can be found after Repack Ridge and using your steering device (mine is the Rizer) when you are back on track again.

You can fly over, through and below surface… It is really amazing!
It started after Repack Ridge

anyone familiar with this?

Hi @Gert_Jan_de_Nijs, yes this is a known issue.


I have it too, in fact I am unable exit the end of repack ridge and join the road in the 4 rides so far…which means I have to end the ride. Anyone know if a fix being planned as its a pain in the *#€>.

Others have mentioned this earlier. Happened to me right after completing Repack Ridge. Turned right on the main road and ended up diving into it, then flying freely. Using Apple TV 4K and Elite Sterzo Smart. Hope Zwift can look into it. Shows up on the app too :grinning: