Unexpected Quit - Reproducable

(mark emila (TRoad ERG)) #1

i’ve had zwift crash on me 3 times in 3 days at the same location on watopia mountain course on 2 different macbook pro computers.

laptop 1 - macbook pro 13 retina early-2013, i5, 8GB, Intel HD Graphics

laptop 2 - macbook pro 15 retina mid-2014, i7, 16GB, NVidia GeForce GT750 2GB

condition: downhill after summiting the radio tower, taking the first fork left at 90+ kph.

i guess the cpu/gpu crapped out trying to render a bicycle making a sharp left turn at 90+ kph.

tomorrow, i may try taking that turn at a more rational/realistic speed.  maybe.

maybe program should force a deceleration to a realistic turning speed.  could also think up a load of funny animations.  at least a more graceful exit.

end result is that the recoverable .fit file is corrupted and 2 km’s of ride data is truncated/lost when uploaded into strava


(Nicolas Bernier) #2

Exactly what JUST happened to me too on a top of of the line iMac 27inch  2011!

Same place, same speed (90km/h+) and .fit file corrupted and 2km missing!

(Jeroen Soethout) #3

Same issue here, quite annoying after climbing all the way. I can’t recover my ride unfortunately…

(. TomH..) #4

Hi all, 

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and we understand how frustrating it is to get this crash after creeping all the way up to the tower. The good news is that this bug it pretty much fixed and will be out with the next update very soon. Please avoid the tower for now and accept our apology. 

Thank you very much. 

(Eddie Wang (C)) #5

i had this same thing happen both times that i rode this route within a week.  i also have a ticket open on this issue. also on a mac.


(Simon Jerwood) #6

Glad to hear this is being fixed, my loud impulsive expletives coming  from the garage at 06.00 were something I was not proud of. Very good app though and am now an X Bkooler.