Zwift app crash :(

(Christian Dela Cruz) #1

After hard work getting to the tower, I descended at the speed of 86KPH in the middle of the tower and KOM. All of a sudden Zwift crashed.

Laptop: MacBook Pro Mid 2014

OS: OS X El Capitan 10.11.3

Zwift version: Latest (I updated to latest before starting)

Mobile: iPhone 6

Mobile OS: 9.2.1

ZML version: 1.6.1


More info: 

  • I was taking a few screenshots at the tower but only 1 was taken

  • fit file did not capture my descent. I was already more than half way down the tower route.

  • I was about to take a screenshot when I reach top speed. I cannot remember if I did press the screenshot or not. Got shocked when app crashed.

  • I used the ZML to do screenshots.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Christian, sorry about the crash.  Did you happen to click the “report” button when it crashed?  If so, you could copy all that text it shows you to us in a ticket and it’d tell us almost exactly what happened.   

(Christian Dela Cruz) #3

Oh man sorry I didn’t notice the report button. Being hopeful I did click a Reopen button but asked me for login details so I just walked away. 

Is it saved in a file somewhere? 

(Jon Mayfield) #4

I don’t think it gets saved anywhere.

We’ve dug around in the code a bit to see if there was anything that could cause what you saw and did see one potential cause.  We’ve fixed it here and may put out a patch in the next day or two to see if it fixes it.  Thanks for reporting it to us and if you unfortunately get it to happen again in the meantime I’d love to see what the “report” button gets you in OSX.

(Christian Dela Cruz) #5

I sure will hit the “report” button next time.

Thanks for the fix!

(Kevin Young (CNW)) #6

I have exactly the same problem (also on a Mac).  I have an older Macbook Pro, and I updated the nVidia driver but it is still crashing.  I have been using Zwift since the early beta days and this is the first time I have had it crash.

When I am descending from the tower, if I choose to go right then it will crash.  If I go left it works fine.  I have reproduced the crash 4 times now.  I did hit the report button - do I have to send you a file or will you get it automatically?



(Christian Dela Cruz) #7

Looks like this is still happening to other users.

(Aki Sato|EXPO|TFC(D)) #8

I had the app crash in the same situation (descending from tower, high speed, approaching intersection) after taking a screenshot (captured) and then selecting left turn (never highlighted). I didn’t know about the Report button, will keep an eye out for it. However, tonight it worked. Left turn, high speed, multiple screenshots. I also did a screen recording just in case. I didn’t even think about going right.

Laptop: MacBook Pro Early 2011

OS: OS X Lion 10.7.5

Zwift version: Latest (April 11, 2016, has not updated since the crash)

Mobile: Android

Mobile OS: 5.0.2

Zwift Mobile version: 1.6 (145)