Screenshot crash Zwift (MacOS 14) [April 2024]

Have been using Zwift for months without issues, but since I upgraded my iMac to Sonoma 14.4 (and more recently 14.4.1), Zwift started to crash whenever a screenshot is taken, manually or what I suppose automatically. Having turned off screenshot uploading, it still crashes some 15-30 minutes into any ride I’ve started since the upgrade why I guess the snapshot still gets taken at certain points, just not uploaded…

Have followed the re-install suggestions, installed it, repeated several times it still crashes without any trace, the main window just closes without a trace, and the log is just cut off
[14:11:14] FPS 18.60, 33675, 12157, -64757
[14:11:16] Starting critical power curve search job (2070921) mTimeStamp = 70.37239 m_lastSearchTime = 60.36332 calculating=false
[14:11:16] [INFO] Sending telemetry…

If I end a ride early or just start and then end the app, it closes as you’d expect - logging looks OK
[14:33:34] [ZWATCHDOG]: Destroyed
[14:33:34] [OS]: Shutdown
[14:33:34] ZwiftApp Gracefully Shutdown

Any ideas what can be done or checked, i.e. can screenshots be turned off completely?

Thanks / Mike

have you disabled video screenshots also ?

Thanks Rich, not sure what you mean by video screenshots - I only know of the screenshot setting found in Preferences which I set to Never. If I’m missing something, if you could tell me what and how I’d appreciate it.

Edit: seems video screenshots/recording is newer Macs only, M2 silicone so not applicable in my case.

Yeah if you have an Intel mac I believe none of them get video screenshots and the setting will not be present

I suggest contacting support to have them look at your logs

Cheers Paul, will do. Any findings will be reported back in this thread, should anyone else experience the same issues…

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I appreciate everyone being willing to help. This is Juan from Zwift.

@Zwifting_Mike, I see you’ve already reached out to Zwift Support via email. Let’s continue that email conversation so we can help you get this figured out. I’ve gone ahead and emailed you and I’m connecting you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support.

Hi Juan,

excellent, we’ll continue via email - and I’ll get back and post any findings in this thread.

Thanks / Mike

Quick update, haven’t had any feedback from Zwift support after I sent in my logs, but noticed that there was an update to 1.6.3 today as I started the app, and in the release notes I noticed this

  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when capturing a screenshot.

Sounds really promising (haven’t tried since the update was applied, wore myself out sweating it out in Rouvy earlier :slight_smile: but will give it a go tomorrow, see if it fixed things…

Updated to 1.63 yesterday (and another, what seemed like a smaller update this morning) and then tested both a screenshot (immediate crash) and as well as doing a bit of riding (crashed after 10-12 minutes). Will reply to support mail once more, see if I can get someone to get back to me…

Hi @Zwifting_Mike , welcome to the forums and thank you for raising this issue. We’re now tracking this internally and engineers are working on a fix.

Considering the number of Zwifters on Mac OS 14.4, it doesn’t look like this is a very widespread crash, so it may be a configuration outside of Zwift on your computer affecting the crash. I wasn’t able to get Zwift to crash on my Intel Mac on OS 14.4 by taking a manual screenshot or by triggering an automatic screenshot, but it does seem like screenshots are triggering the crash for reporting Zwifters.

Hi Rowdy, and thanks for replying!

Sounds good that it’s not affecting all Mac users, I have assumed it wasn’t that big a problem, not even on Intel-based machines, or others most likely would’ve been posting about it as well.

Good to hear you’re working on it in any case! I’ve been mailing the support team a few times and have done some tests as well as configuration changes, so there’s good hope the issue will be resolved fairly soon.

Kind regards / Mike