Kickr bike buttons

The steering event says that they enabled steering on the kickr bike. I tried pairing the kickr bike to the steering section of zwift and nothing happened… is there supposed to be an update up released to let it pair?

Wow, that would be great! I’ll be avidly following this!

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The event said something about phase 3 of steering being out now, they said that it was having the kickr bike steering buttons also be able to steer in zwift.

I’ll start looking for steering events. The only trouble with that is I’m already constantly accidentally hitting those buttons so when I’m doing those events my avatar is going to look even more squirrely than he already does!

Does steering work in free rides or does it only work in steering enabled events?

The steerzo lets you do it on steering races but not in any event because it is disabled. You can steer when you are free riding with the steerzo so I am assuming that it will be the same for the kickr bike.

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The steering event says that they enabled steering on the kickr bike.

“Steering Event,” I must have missed the communication about that. Were can I find more info? TIA

There was a steering event and I accidentally clicked it, it was at 8am pst.

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Interesting, where did you find this? I have a Tacx Neobike, would be great if they’ve enabled it.

Found it on ZwiftHacks. No mention of Tacx, but probably because Garmin/Tacx are SLOWWWW to do anything.

“Phase 3 of FutureWorks Steering is here! We’ve now also enabled the Wahoo Kickr Bike in addition to the Elite Sterzo Smart Steering Plate, extending the latest in racing to more devices. Choose your line and position yourself to maximize the draft. You and your avatar are about to bond like never before. Part of the FutureWorks platform is to collect feedback from our community: Tell us what you think by leaving your feedback in our forums after the race!”

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Yeah, that is the description that I saw.

Maybe, just maybe ZHQ could start a new thread outlining the process for enabling steering on our Wahoo Kickr Bikes! That would be great but probably overly optimistic on my part…

The DIRT Sprintapalooza tomorrow morning is a steering enabled event. I’ll report back… Film at eleven.

It looks like they have put this description in for a number of future events. My guess is it will be announced as part of the next update (due next week), and Wahoo probably need to release a firmware update too.

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According to today’s update, the Wahoo Smart Bike has steering enabled now. It’s unclear if we need to do anything on our end. I asked the question in the thread.

IIRC, part of the introduction of the Steerzo from Elite, Zwift wasn’t going to enable steering in any other hardware for six months. This is how Elite was given enough time to sell the units as the only steering available to make back some of their development costs. That’s how we’re here now.

I was under the impression that steering is enabled on mountain bike roads (I do not know how many of them are out there, but the one I know is not yet enabled, according to the update release) and in Future Works races. I am curious, too, to see how it works and what it is good for.

For some reason not made entirely clear, you need to pair through Bluetooth to get steering enabled. It doesn’t work through ANT+. Yes, I know, it makes no sense whatsoever but that’s the way it is. I’ve not been able to get it to work through the Zwift Companion bridge so this is something I’ll have to take up later. Annoying though…

Yap, tested today, does not work through ANT+, does work through Bluetooth. The trainer should appear in the connection menu as Wahoo Kickr Bike, and this name is only available with Bluetooth. With ANT+ connection, it appears as a cryptic Wahoo device with ANT+ number, and this is possibly why Zwift has problems figuring out if it is a Kickr Bike or not… Just a wild guess…

Is this the official Zwift line? I can’t find anywhere that says you have to use Bluetooth for steering. However, I haven’t been able to get steering to work with ANT+ either. It’s my understanding that you can’t use a Bluetooth connection to a Windows computer for the Kickr Bike only ANT+. I use a Windows 10 computer so does that mean steering is a no go for me?


Yes, it is the official Zwift line. They just don’t make it very obvious in the set up instructions, just allude to it indirectly by suggesting if you “could” use your Zwift Companion app to bridge to your Zwift app for Bluetooth. It doesn’t say anywhere that you MUST have Bluetooth. Kinda not smart…

You’ll need to get a Bluetooth USB dongle and pair through that to get steering. Of figure out how to bridge through the Companion; I was never able to make that work. I had a BT dongle and it worked right off the bat once I plugged it in and paired up.

That said, steering isn’t working in nearly all of the events AND Bluetooth has been spotty in some cases recently. You may want to order the dongle and ride with ANT+ until they get sh*t straightened out.