Kickr bike buttons

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Mark, thx for the quick reply.

I got a Bluetooth dongle for Christmas, but couldn’t get the pairing to work. Zwift would never see the Kickr Bike. On the pairing screen the Bluetooth Icon was flashing, but when I searched nothing ever showed up. I went back and read some docs. (can’t remember where) that seemed to say Windows 10 Zwift and Bluetooth wasn’t a supported configuration. So I went back to ANT+.

Sounds like what I read was not correct so I’ll revisit trying to get Bluetooth to work. Do I need to do anything to “flush out” the ANT+ pairing first before doing the Bluetooth pairing?


I just unplugged the ANT+ dongle and plugged in the Bluetooth dongle, then rebooted the computer. It should see the dongle and let you know it does. Then start Zwift, chant the appropriate incantations, spin counterclockwise three times on your left foot and hope it works. Mine worked fine when I did this. :crazy_face:

Let us know how it works out.

Ha…Will do

Josh, BT can be tricky to set up. Most, if not all, modern computers have built-in BT. If you use a dongle, you end up with two BT devices in the computer which may conflict with each other. One has to go through some tricks to disable one and enable the other. Then, on top of it, the range of BT can be lower than the range of BT. I have the same issue, ANT+ is reasonably stable (although it could get better if I was able to bring it closer to the trainer), while BT, with the dongle plugged into the same hub, is much less reliable.

Having said all that, I “played” with steering, it was fun for about 5 minutes, after which I really started wondering why it is there and what it is good for. Basically, all you can do is to move left to right or right to left within your lane of traffic. So, you can chose if you ride next to the shoulder, next to the middle line of the road, or anywhere in between. Why would I care where I am ???

Thanks for the reply Andrei.

I got the BT connection going last night. I discovered that if did a search for Controllable the bike didn’t show up, but if I did a search for Power Source it did. Once I paired the bike on Power Source, I was able to pair on Cadence and Controllable.

I haven’t done an actual ride with BT yet so I don’t know about the connection stability vs. ANT+ in my environment. FWIW, ANT+ has been very stable for me according to Zwiftanaylizer.

With regard to steering, among other things it is promoted as a way to have more control over drafting which I guess could be helpful. That’s one of the things that bugs me when riding events. I can’t seem to stay in a good draft. Especially around corners I always swing wide and get the “Close the Gap” message.

OTOH, it may need wide adoption before Zwift lets it be more than a gimmick so there aren’t a few people with an unfair advantage. I’ll play around with it and see if it’s useful for me.

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Josh, you are welcome! Ironically, steering is disabled in Tour de Zwift events, and I suspect, in most races! I wonder if Future Works races are the only ones in which steering during races is allowed, and if this is going to change any time soon. With this limitation, steering is more or less a useless thing for now, or perhaps a feature which slowly finds its way out of development to real life until more trainers get a steering attachment of some sort. For bikes attached to trainers, Zwift sells a front wheel support for about $100 which enables steering through turning the handlebars, but of course right now it is a limited value add-on. A classical chicken and egg problem, so it seems…

With Zwift now supporting digital buttons on the Kickr Bike rather than analogue only steering there is no reason, other than commercial, to not implement this as software buttons in the companion app and clients and via DXInput (keyboard or controller) on the PC version allowing steering for all.

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My Kickr Bike was able to steer until this new update last week. No more steering, connectivity issues, etc.

Jus puttin’ this out there. Thanks… if a fix is in the works…

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I just got a Kickr bike … expecting all the debugging to be done by now. Wrong! I am on the latest firmware and thru companion app can select the bike as all my pairings (although that’s flaky at best). Says steering enabled in the HUD and App… but no joy actually steering. Ironically i still have a sterzo and can pair that fine sit on the Kickr bike and steer that way!
Using Windows 10 desktop and the Bluetooth dongle sees the bike but refuses to pair.

Hi Chris, it’s a known bug fresh from the release last week, see this thread: