Disable Steering from Kickr Bike

I have a strange issue.

I use a Wahoo Kickr Bike with steering ability. If I don’t enable the steering, my avatar always ride outside the peloton. In the shoulder.

If I turn on the steering, it slams me to one side or another - inconsistently steering.

How can I totally disable it for a better experience? I also miss my Campy setup that requires the same buttons.

The steering seems to affect my avatar’s placement enabled or disabled?

Seems to have become a bug with PD 3.0 - have a look through this thread …

EDIT: probably start from the end given the length of it.

I’ve been riding the Kickr Bike for over a year and the steering has certainly been a disappointment. Fortunately the steering wasn’t a feature that I was looking for. I’ve found that disabling it at the first pairing screen seems to help. Using ANT+ is guaranteed to make the steering not work because it only works through BLE and that’s what I do much of the time. ANT+ has about a second of delay in power signals so I use BLE for workouts.

To keep the pairing screen from going directly to the home screen, I don’t put on my HRM belt until I’ve disabled the steering if I’m using BLE. I’ve also found the HRM doesn’t work reliably with steering enabled. Yet another reason to use ANT+


Cross posting my issue that something is wrong with pairing.

Pair as bluetooth, ride, go into pairing screen and remove controllable trainer and pair as ant

Steering bug instantly fixed (avatar moves to a more.normal road position immediately)

But hood buttons that should be disabled - as they only work via Bluetooth - remain working for uturn and powerup.

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Thanks @Mark_Crane_TOG_G_65y ! Great information to try. I’m using a MacPro, so do you think adding an ANT usb dongle would be the answer?

Yes, I believe that’s the only way to get ANT+ on a Mac.

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Thank you all for your assistance. Yes! The ANT+ dongle with extender from Wahoo completely disabled the steering, and it all sync’d up without any bluetooth. It feels more stable, but - who’s to say? However, the pack dynamics put me properly in the middle of the peloton. I didn’t ride through people (I really dislike when I would see their eyeballs through their heads!) I stayed in the middle of the pack, and it felt much more real and natural than turning off the steering. For some reason, it never really turns it off with the bluetooth like we thought. I am in talk with Zwift support with this as well. Fixed! (Well, kinda. No steering.)

Yer Welcome! I hate that seeing the inside of riders thing too. Grodee… :face_vomiting:

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Using Ant+ with kickr bike I still end up shoved to the edge of the road, or indeed on the absolute wrong side of the road (or correct side maybe).

See this.

It’s great that Zwift agrees that riding on the left of the road is correct, but this is crazy! :smiley:

I use an upgraded Intel X5690 3.46ghz/RX580 Mac Pro 5,1 with Monterey installed and connect the ant+ dongle to the USB port on the keyboard.

Same as my setup. Are you sure your pairing with ANT?

Yes I am.

Did you pair with BT first?

I have experienced an issue on PC where even unpairing BT and pairing Ant leaves Zwift connected via both. (Although in my case auto steer works correctly, but hood buttons which trigger via bluetooth remain active)

No not possible to do BT pairing, that old Mac has a broken bluetooth antenna (the cable is broken) that I haven’t replaced yet (it’s a tricky job to do, but I do have the parts).

We found tonight that if we do the Kickr Bike Controller via Bluetooth, and the Cadence, Power and HRM via ANT+ that we can use the steering and it works great! Better than ever.