Kickr bike BLE - turn off steering

No matter what I try, the «wheel» by my name won’t go away when using kickr bike as «controllable», even if de-selecting steering. How to fix?

And I didn’t think of this as an issue before PD 3.0 as I assumed steering was still off if I didn’t touch it, but I have this weird «turning» as if there’s no space available. Don’t have it in events when steering is disabled.

Same issue and it is maddening… hopefully they can figure it out. Works fine when steering is disabled for a group ride, when you ride with a pace partner it’s really bad. hopefully they fix it…

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In BT on the Kickr Bike there is no way to work around the glitch. I had to go to ANT+ which doesn’t have steering capability at all to get consistent PD3.0 behavior.

I also had inconsistent HRM connectivity in BT. I would have to disable steering in the pairing screen, pair the HRM, logon and re-pair steering. Otherwise I would lose HR during whatever event I was riding. This isn’t a problem with ANT+…

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Having issues as well with steering on my Kickr Bike.

It starting acting strange after the recent IOS update in Apple TV. Intense flickering when riding with a Pacer, and not steering well when riding solo.

Updated the Kickr Bike software version at it didn’t help.

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Kicker bike!! Most expensive and most annoying!! Come on Zwift please make this thing work. Riding with the pace bots is like drifting in a rally car, perhaps you should add reverse steering lock!! Not impressed.


One thing is the visual drifting, but the biggest problem is that you can’t get into the group with steering. This makes the pacer bots unrideable at the moment…


I have been unable to use BLE to connect the Kickr Bike since the update in January 2021 when steering was introduced specifically for the Kickr bike. My internet connection is solid, the Kickr Bike has no issues connecting to other apps (Fulgaz, Kinomap, Wahoo, RGT, etc.) and Zwiftalyzer shows no issue on the log files. I get an intermittent but consistent Error 3 on the bike, showing in the gear display after 20 to 45 minutes of riding. Then the bike disconnects with Zwift and will not re-pair on the pairing screen. It requires a hard reset of the computer (Mac) and bike. Zwift says it is the bike, Wahoo says it is Zwift and no resolution after many email exchanges with both companies. I almost returned the bike for this problem, but gave up on steering and went to ANT+ only. 8000 km later and ANT+ causes no issues so I suggest switching to ANT+ and disabling BLE on the computer.

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The thing is, except from this issue BLE works perfectly at the moment (for me at least). And another with it vs ANT+ powerups on the hoods which actually makes a real difference when racing.

@Stian_Lersveen I think I accidentally found somewhat of a workaround (this was on a group ride so YMMV).

Do to the weird angle riding with steering on in the new pack dynamics I connected my Kickr Bike with ANT+ to start. I was having dropouts (which rarely happen with ANT+ for me) so mid ride went into the pairing screen and switched over to BLE for power/cadence/controllable. No more drop outs for the group ride and after it was done and steering normally resumes there was no steering icon next to my name and I couldn’t use the steering buttons even though I was connected with BLE. And the top right hood button still used power ups.

Can you check if you get this to work in free ride aswell? Most group rides have steering disabled, so they are working like a charm at the moment😊

@Stian_Lersveen yes steering is disabled in group ride but it kicks back on if you continue riding after the group ride is done. My post was saying the steering did not kick in during the After Party free ride even though my Kickr Bike was paired via BLE.

Not sure if I didn’t make that clear, hadn’t finished my first cup of coffee when I initially posted.

I’m pretty sure the bug is fixed now, i.e. riding in pack with steering is same as without steering😊

Can you check a log file after disabling steering please?
We are seeing steering being enabled automatically and it appears in the log file.

Steering is still «enabled» even when I turn it off in the pairing screen. Buttons don’t work, but I have the wheel beside my name. This is fresh in memory from yesterday, but If you need it from the log-file aswell I can check that later today.

Pack dynamics with steering on seems to me to be slightly different. Feel I get pushed more to the side of the group compared to rides with steering disabled. Could be all in my head of course.

@Stian_Lersveen - I was trying to respond to @Anti-wtrl.
This post has a couple of variations of a problem.
My team is having a lot of difficulties with this now.
We cannot turn off steering and a paceline TTT is now impossible.
I have included a photo of a ride. Steering was disabled in the pairing screen and it is disabled for the event. Then look at the photo. The log file shows steering was enabled automatically, after the rider disabled it.

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Nothing new here? Still very annoying during free rides and especially with the pacer bots…

Still not possible to turn off steering using BT. Any updates on this?

Makes riding with pacer Anquetil a nightmare since I get in the wind ALL THE TIME if I do not steer. A significant difference vs. group rides…