(Leader/Sweeper/Backup) Can't steer on Kickr bike post event [December 2023]

Whenever I lead, after the ride finishes the steering will not work on my Kickr bike when I continue to ride further.
Only rebooting my laptop resolves the issue.

Please can this be resolved.

How exactly do you mean

Steering doesn’t work once I nolonger have the yellow beacon after the event has finished.

If I’m not a yellow beacon everything good after an event.

Odd. I have the opposite happening. I can steer on the Kickr bike on my warmup before a group ride but once in the group ride (whether a beacon or not) I can’t steer and the power up button doesn’t work either. Still doesn’t work after the group ride if I continue riding. Been annoying.

Group rides have the option of steering on / off.

Some SZR rides I’ve set the steering to on, I’m fine in those if I’m not leading.

It’s not just leaders.

This happens to me after ANY ride, even rides / races that allow steering, I am no longer able to steer until I reboot Zwift.

More like what D said is what happens to me; if I had and used steering at any point in time, and go into another event… that’s when it breaks itself.

Yea but I know that we have toggled steering on for the rides I join as I’m a leader and can see the settings.

It’s been ongoing for a month or two (can’t remember exactly what update caused it start happening)

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I know I put it in one of the threads of the update when I first had noticed it; but it seemed to have cropped up when they started to make changes to the steering.

One of the patches was supposed to fix non-steering riders to be able to better draft off of steering riders (although this is still very much not fixed), but that’s about when I think I first noticed it.

@shooj and @evan-zwift Happy New Year, could someone look into this for us please?

Thanks in advance,

@Rowdy is this issue with Kickr Bike steering something ZHQ is aware of and/or able to reproduce? Been ongoing for a few months for me and a few others I know who also have a Kickr bike plus those who also posted here.

Thank you for the tag, @D_Watson. I was aware of an issue awhile back with Kickr Bike Steering being lost after a Coffee Stop, but that was fixed and this appears to be different. It sounds like events are the most common thread here, regardless of event configuration or leadership. I have flagged this up at HQ for additional investigation.

Is this occurring in every single activity with an event? And has anyone noticed it occur in any free rides?


@Rowdy this only happens after I’ve been leading.

edit: I wasn’t concerned about U turn, but no, that doesn’t work either.

@Rowdy happens every Herd Donut ride for me. I can steer when just zwifting (free ride) anytime or before the group ride. Join the group ride (steering is enabled as a ride option) and lose ability to steer or use the power-up and u-turn buttons on the Kickr Bike. If I continue free riding after the group ride I still can’t use steering or any other buttons on the bike.

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@Paul_Cooper_SZR , you might be experiencing a different issue, or it could be that the variable causing Kickr buttons to go unresponsive is only occurring for you in events where you are leading. Do you change anything about your setup when you join an event that you aren’t leading?

Sorry for the delay, no nothing changes in my setup.

Trying to think; I know I was able to steer after a race the other night; so I thought this was fixed, but I presume it isn’t actually.

As far as being a leader goes; I don’t think it requires you to be a beacon, but just be on the list of leaders/sweepers. As that’s when I notice it stops working; is after any of the group rides I’m part of that I may (potentially) lead/sweep.

@Andrew_Nuse, yes I was backup yellow last night and found this to be correct.

@Andrew_Nuse @Paul_Cooper_SZR Thank you both. I’ve updated our ticket and the thread to reflect this update. That may explain why reports are pretty rare, and inconsistent regarding being the active leader/sweeper of the event.

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Any idea of a timescale for resolution please?

@Rowdy so tonight I rode the Herd Donuts ride where I am usually on the leaders list. To run a test I removed myself from the yellow beacon list and I was able to steer the entire group ride. I’ll report back next Saturday when I ride it again while being on the yellow beacon list and confirm if I can still steer or not.