(Leader/Sweeper/Backup) Can't steer on Kickr bike post event [December 2023]

So quick follow up; again I totally forgot powerups could be used on the kickrbike on bluetooth; handy!
I was using it all ride on a Tour of Zwift ride; and then continued onto a ride I’m a sweeper/leader for (not active today however, but still listed), which was immediately after.

As soon as the finish arch came up and finish results appeared, I could no longer use the powerup button.

So this definitely seems to be tied to leader/sweeper list.


As of the update before this last one (which I actually think rolled something back) I can no longer steer at all in Zwift, I’ve been doing solo erg-mode structured training rides, previously this has worked fine. I’m on a Windows PC, my wife is still able to steer from her Kickr Bike which is the same age and model as mine (original model) and she’s using an iPad but I don’t know if she’s up to date.

@Rowdy so last night riding the Herd Saturday Doughnut ride I was listed in the yellow beacon list again after last weeks test of removing myself, and I was unable to steer and/or use the power up button on my Kickr bike. So definitely looks like the lack of steering during a group ride where steering is enabled is related to being on the beacon list.

Any update on finding the issue and correcting it?


Hi all,

No updates on a workaround a fix for this issue yet, but it is being tracked internally. I’ll be sure to update as soon as we either have a fix incoming or identify a workaround to avoid the issue (other than not being a leader or pairing to controls).

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Hi @Rowdy,

I opened a forum entry earlier this week ([Power up, U-turn and steering buttons on Kickr bike stop working mid ride - Bugs and Support - Zwift Forums]) and was linked to this one.

I can confirm that this certainly seems related to leading/ sweeping (or backup). I did two rides this evening, outside of the club I lead or sweep for and had no issues at all with steering or powerup/ U-turn buttons.

I have backup lead duties tomorrow for two back to back rides, so fully expect to see this issue occur during the first ride.

Regards, GC


Any update on this being being fixed?

I’ve now done many rides with a ride ‘role’, e.g. lead/ sweep or backup and this issue always occurs. After restarting Zwift and doing a new ride where I don’t have a ‘role’ everything is good again.




HI @GrumpyChops , this issue is still being addressed by our engineers. I’ve been keeping the ticket up to date with new reports, but I’m afraid I can’t provide a timeline on a fix.


Thanks @Rowdy

Hi all,
I experienced a kickr bike issue whilst yellow beacon tonight (loss of use of the right shifter) so I was forced to quit and reboot my laptop.

On rejoining my group as expected I had no fence controls, but i could actually steer!!!

any further developments @Rowdy ?

Hey Rowdy,
I’m experiencing the same situation, and in addition, even if you are just “part” of the leaders list of a ride.
After couple of tests, I’ve noticed the issue is linked to the fence panel.
Before the panel was ON at start, now it’s OFF at start. I can deal with the situation if for instance, I take the leader role before the “top listed” leader and put the panel ON.

Tagging @P_Hutchinson

This bug is highly impacting Leaders. I hope Zwift would like to take care of those people, and fix that BUG!

up up up up please

Thanks everyone for your patience so far and for continuing to keep attention on this issue. There has not been an update on this yet, but I’ve kept our developer ticket updated with these reports. If you or anyone else in your events are still experiencing this issue (or any issue that occurs multiple times), please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support in order to get a support ticket started. That tends to be the best way to directly link your profile to specific issues as well as gathering/preserving log files and other useful details.