KICKR Bike Steering Issues [1.14.0] [June 2021] [SOLVED]

KickrBIKE + MAC / BLE - No steering and no functionality of the right lever hood buttons as mentioned in this update.

Anyone else with a KickrBIKE confirm? (It’ll need to be BLE, not ANT too)


Confirmed on PC by me, good sir.

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Here’s the Zwift Insider post about the update: Zwift Update Version 1.14.0 (72262) Released | Zwift Insider

Welcome upgrades to route selection for sure!

As @Shane_Miller_GPLama mentioned, it appears the KICKR button upgrade is borked. Can’t get steering to work, OR the right buttons.

Also, the Makuri Islands lap leaderboard has… disappeared. I guess that’s one way to fix it. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, not working for me either, no steering, no power up activation, and no u turn.

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@Shane_Miller_GPLama and @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn
Thanks both for flagging these up. We’re on it.

Hi shooj looking like the update broke the kickr bike steering Again.

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Hi Shane sane issue here - sane break as last update kuckr bike shows steering enabled - but non functional. It also puts you in the middle of the road

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It should be a sin to repeat breaks/ bugs . It just shows bad testing and oversight practice.

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Kickr steering, yep

Yep +1
Kickr Bike steering not working after last Zwift update on Windows 10 platform. Oddly, it appears that it works using my iPhone with the latest iOS, although it was a bit glitchy.

Kickr steering not working

Great screen resolution, though
Thanks also for the check marks on the routes

Sorry, did my ride with Apple TV4K before reading this. I usually unpair steering because of the draft and steering issues in groups.

I’ll check tomorrow morning.

Update: we have identified the fix for two issues with KICKR Bike in version 1.14.0.
*Steering functionality is not working
*Powerup function with the shifter button is not working

We’re working on verification, and plan to release the fix in the next patch as soon as possible


No steering and no functionality of the right lever hood buttons also. I’am running Zwift on a Apple TV platform.

Any news when the Stages SB20 will be getting it also - I’m of the understanding Stages have signed the agreement for this with Zwift.

Same exact here as well, no steering and no function of hood buttons on Kickr Bike.

Hmm… this has dragged on a few days now…

Thanks, Shuji !

Same here, running Zwift on a Mac Mini M1 with the latest Big Sur update. Polar H10 HRM and Kickr Bike are connected directly to the Mac by BT and to a Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire by ANT+.

Steering still displays as active on the connection screen after the other Kickr Bike features pair, same as after the first time an update impacted steering.

Everything else seems to function normally, including Zwift-generated incline and resistance changes.