Kickr Bike Steering in Events

Has anyone noticed that steering is kinda broken in events? I start to notice that my avatar gets pinned to one side of the road or the other and the steering buttons do nothing. Super frustrating because I’m sitting outside the draft. Then suddenly it will work for a bit of time, then get pinned to one side and not work again. It’s not a hardware issue, as I’ve tested the buttons and they work fine. Yes, connected with Bluetooth, on a Mac.

It does seem that Zwift still haven’t sorted out Kickr Bike working properly with the new Pack Dynamics 3.0.

See Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [November 2021] - #100 by Andre_Hufschmid

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Hi Marc @marclennox

I noticed that you’ve written in to our support team regarding this issue, so we’ll keep working with you via email. Thanks!