Steering Stopped Working on Kickr Bike

After several months of my Kickr Bike steering working OK on Zwift, it stopped - probably back in April or May, 2023. Using Windows 10 on a laptop. Only using the buttons on the hoods.

I see several topics referencing stopping while in a race, or group ride, etc., but mine simply stopped working on all rides.

My Zwift app is up to date, and my Kickr bike firmware is also.

How do I go about restoring steering functionality?



I have got the same issue here. Using a Dell Precision 5560. Zwift 1.46.0. It does connect to steering and shows up in the list with names that I do have steering. But it does not respond to the inside buttons on the Kickr Bike.

Make sure ‘Controllable’ is paired to the bike’s Bluetooth and not ANT+. If it connects via ANT+ the steering won’t work even if it looks like it’s connected.

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Thank you @Brian_Wakem ! That worked great for me and the problem that I had.

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