Steering stopped working

I do not ride using the Companion app. I ride in the main Zwift app running on my iPhone. Until recently I had no issues with steering.

My Zwift app is up to date.

I ride on a Wahoo Kickr Bike V1.

About a week ago I noticed during initial pairing that steering no longer indicated pairing. But once in a ride steering worked nevertheless. This happened a few times.

Yesterday and today things changed. As before, during initial pairing steering did not indicate pairing was successful. Unlike before, once in my ride steering did not work. My last two saved rides are with a Robo Pacer. No steering. I also tried a free ride for less than one mile. No steering.

Any suggestions?

Update: Today when t tapped on the steering icon I got a window of pairing options. Unlike before, this time there was an option to select my Kickr Bike. Made the selection and steering worked on the a short test ride. Hopefully my steering issue is resolved. Just putting this here and n case it helps anyone else.

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Steering doesn’t work for me. I ride a Kickr Bike V1. Steeting is enabled, nothing happens.

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Because I ride my Kickr Bike exclusively in the Zwift platform I don’t open my Wahoo app very often. But like all other things electronic, there are updates that are sometimes needed. If you haven’t already done it, I’d check to make sure your Wahoo app (and the bike it’s synced with) has all the current updates. Once or twice in the past year or so this updating took care of some issues for me. Not sure this will fix your steering issue on Zwift, but it’s worth trying.

Mine worked, similar setup to you, then for a year it didn’t. It worked for two weeks now it’s gone again….

Zwift blame kickr or me. Wahoo blame me or Zwift. If I’m the only constant….one of them isn’t playing nice….makes the repack rush thing laughable. Shame really.