Apple TV and wahoo kickr bike

Hello just updated to the April 21 release - it seems the ride on feature in the companion app and steering are no longer working. Yes confirmed I can see the steering is checked , I have reinstalled and restarted a new ride same both times.

Free ride no event .

I was referring you to that other thread. That’s the main thread on this issue, so you’re better off posting in there on it.

Thank you for reporting these two issues. We’re actively working on the Ride On issue as well as the steering bug for Wahoo KICKR Bike users. You had the uh - “luck” to step into both.

We’re going to use this thread to track the Ride On bug. Join us on this other thread for the Wahoo Bike steering issue.

Smile - Happy to be a tester

Hi folks thank you - both bugs fixed.