KICKR Bike Steering on Windows

The steering on my KICKR Bike stopped working around two weeks ago after an update, I think there was then another update shortly after and it continued to not work. This is on the Windows Client. When I connect the same bike to an iPad the steering works fine so I know it’s not the bikes buttons. I don’t believe turn around is working either. Don’t know about power ups as I’ve been riding training plans and erg mode.

I’ve had tried disconnecting and re-connecting the bike a few times, it’s connected via bluetooth.

So I believe I have the bug figured out. I looked at the connections again and notices everything for my Kickr bike was on bluetooth except the upper left one (I think that’s called resistance or something like that) which was talking to the correct bike on ANT+ instead. I re-connected that to the same bluetooth ID as the controls, the cadence, etc… (Everything but heartrate) and then my steering started working again. No idea why