No steering After Coffee Break (Kickr Bike) [1.39]

After each use of Coffee Break steering no longer functions or the additional buttons for Power up and U turn (Kickr Bike) … pairing again during ride does not resolve it… So drafting is problematic and reliant on how pack pushes you left or right…which often means you are without draft or poor draft :tired_face:


Same issue here. This makes coffee break utterly annoying and useless.


HOT NEW WEIRDNESS… during pace partner ride was able to steer (like crazy, like full time job) but then activated the new Coffee Break for a nature break (worked great!) and when I got back to riding… no steering or buttons working. Still shifted fine. V1 bike, latest firmware, appleTV


Identical issues here Alister. I also rebooted and then the Power Up button would instead of releasing the PU it would pull up the monitors Icon function bar at the bottom of the screen. I did not see this bug listed in the latest fix.

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the same for the kickr v2 bike with direct connection and 1.40 software version.

A greeting

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A few rides back the sync tag for steering failed. Everything else showed sync up. But not steering. But when I got on my free ride my steering worked as usual. Same with PP rides. Today I rode with a PP. Steering was not working. Afterward I briefly tried a free ride just to see if steering worked there. No steering there either. I have no idea what the issue is. I don’t know which version of Kickr Bike that I have. Bought it new in Oct. 2021. I’ve done all the updates for Zwift and Wahoo. Just have no idea why steering is not working.

Kickr bike v1 Apple TV

All buttons on bike worked fine. Then 5/20 used coffee stop and NO buttons on kickr bike work in any setting, any ride since then - steering, power up, uturn all broken

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Thanks Brad, I’ve let the team know.


Thank you James, i have the same issue on my KickrBike after using the coffee stop feature. No steering, power ups or Uturn

Same issue here, pretty annoying

Same issue

Additional issue… beyond coffee “break” physical buttons no longer working. Once event (Route) ends, you are unable to navigate even on the companion app (junction options don’t appear) can only continue riding on the original assigned route. This only occurs after coffee break is used! These glitches are only cleared after a restart of Zwift app on Apple TV. I have done second ride without restart of Zwift app and Kickr Bike buttons still don’t function (bike was restarted and reconnected)

Are you sure that they worked well before your coffee break? because lots of kickr bike users are complaining about not working buttons in general

Hi Karin, Thanks for your input as to others having issues with Kickr Bike buttons… But I can assure you that this is Zwift Coffee break related… Before my original post… I had verified and deliberately tested and was able to reproduced the issue on 4 separate rides by the use of Coffee Break… I have continued to test beyond v1.39 (v1.40 & v1.41) This issue is unchanged… All other rides without the use of coffee break have not been affected… and the bike works perfectly on them… I’m riding about 20 rides per week, and only when I test/try coffee break this happens… Regards Alister


Hi all,
I love the steering feature and use is whenever and wherever I can. Unfortunately, it stops working after a coffee break (EVERY TIME!!!). The only thing to revert back to default is restarting Zwift. I had it also once where I used the coffee break with a RoboPacer and 15 minutes afterwards started a race (without the restart of Zwift) and steering was disabled. I was hoping for the latest updates to fix this bug, but so far it hasn’t.
This seems to be very consistent as other friends using the Wahoo Kickr bike, report the same issue.
This is very frustrating as not only the steering is disables, but also the avatar rides long stretches besides the peloton (not getting any draft at all). I have some video recordings and will try to put some screenshots in here later.
So even if steering was disables after the coffee break (which it shouldn’t), one would at least expect to be within the group at any point of the race/ride and not beside the other riders getting no draft.

Please tell me there is a fix in the making.
thanks and Ride On!

patrick, TIGHT cycling

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Hi Steve,

thanks for the reply. So I assume that FutureWorks is working on that? Because depending on the course you might be out of the draft for almost 2km (Greater London Flat), which is obviously hard to deal with. It is also repeatable as each lap at the same spot you get out of the draft, start huggin the center line. After 2km or so (also at the exact same spot) you get back into the peloton. So far this has happened in Neokyo, RGV, Greater London Flat and one or two more that I don’t recall right now. But every lap at the same spot.

Please fix this as this is very frustrating and really takes a lot away from the riding experience and cost better racing results, sprinting points, ranking points etc.

cheers, patrick - TIGHT cycling
Ride On

Works like a charm before the coffee break and stops working right after… Only restarting Zwift solves this problem so far… Very frustrating.

Same here! Additionally, I’ve been pushed outside the peloton on numerous occasions, where significantly more power was needed just to stay with the group (verified on 4 different courses doubt that this wouldn’t happen on others as well). There is a point at which you get back into the group (if you managed to put out the extra power before)…
Cost me some sprints and races… :wink:
patrick - TIGHT cycling

No buttons now work on v1.41!!!

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this seems to be solve with the latest Zwift update…Thanks