No steering After Coffee Break (Kickr Bike) [1.39]

Yup had a couple of rides and we seem to be all good 1.42 :+1:

@Kenny_Mcallister was this the steering issue you were referring to yesterday or something different?

Steering still not working on kikr bike yet thanks but on another note teleporting is fantastic cheers

At all?

I am certain we have other Kickr users steering without difficulty.

Ok thanks James my friend round corner from me has same issue both running Apple TV maybe that’s the issue thanks

I’m having the same issues. Using Apple TV as well!

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So its definitely not just me and a few friends with no steering etc cheers John

Yes, it leaves me on the centre line with no draft which is kind of difficult in TTT’S and races! Also it’s dropped my ability to change gears as well a few times the steering has dropped which makes it doubly difficult. Happened last night in the TTT. As you say maybe it is an Apple TV/Kickr bike/Zwift issue. Hopefully someone involved with Zwift software will be able to replicate and sort

Thanks, I’ll pass it on.

It’s a bit challenging in this thread to follow what the current issue is. Your issue has nothing to do with using a Coffee Break, correct? ie. since you referenced it occurring in a race which shouldn’t have coffee breaks.

Working now all good thanks