Steering disabled after coffee break (Wahoo Kickr Bike)

Hi all,
I love the steering feature and use is whenever and wherever I can. Unfortunately, it stops working after a coffee break (EVERY TIME!!!). The only thing to revert back to default is restarting Zwift. I had it also once where I used the coffee break with a RoboPacer and 15 minutes afterwards started a race (without the restart of Zwift) and steering was disabled. I was hoping for the latest updates to fix this bug, but so far it hasn’t.
This seems to be very consistent as other friends using the Wahoo Kickr bike, report the same issue.
This is very frustrating as not only the steering is disables, but also the avatar rides long stretches besides the peloton (not getting any draft at all). I have some video recordings and will try to put some screenshots in here later.
So even if steering was disables after the coffee break (which it shouldn’t), one would at least expect to be within the group at any point of the race/ride and not beside the other riders getting no draft.

Please tell me there is a fix in the making.
thanks and Ride On!

patrick, TIGHT cycling

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