Steering in ToW

I’ve experienced the problem of kickr bike steering causing avatars to be forced to outside of packs in races previously, and in those cases you aren’t able to steer.

To my surprise in the ToW today I had forgotten to pair my kickr bike with ant+ instead of bluetooth and when I was forced out i pressed the steering button and was amazed it actually worked.

Steering is enabled, I thought it would be a much better experience than being stuck at the side and no way to steer.

I was wrong.
You still get stuck to the side in 0% draft and tou cannot steer anyway as you can never steer into other avatars.

You either drop back, steer behind the blob and pixk up pace again or just ride with no draft. Either way its a poor experience.

Another point, every corner steers you to a “racing line”. Just got in behind a blob and expecting draft, nope, corner and you are off to the side again.

If I have literally just managed to steer to the centre of the road, could I stay there for a little while?

It was just a group ride, but it would have been completely frustrating and utterly inequitable in a race.

I think zwift needs to go back to the drawing board on the steering functionality and also allow us to disable it and still connect the kickr bike via bluetooth. (We lose other functions by using ant, but that is the only way to get fair drafting)

Also, these huge group rides where everyone is forced into identikits makes it really hard to ident your own avatar, could we either get some way to change headgear or show something to highlight our own avatar a bit?

I can’t comment about steering but in terms of avatar identification you will notice that your avatar sits up during these rides so should make you be seen.

Not ideal but better than nothing.

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I did ToW stage 2 last night and steering was disabled?

Was steering in ToW stage 1 a mistake?
Or has there been a change to disable it in future?

I rode stage 2 15 minutes after banner drop from pen because of IRL issues so didn’t see many othe riders, but as I remained paired with BT when I did find a group of 4 riders in a line, I was out to the side as usual.