Kickr Bike Steering and gears

Hi, use a Kickr Bike. Last couple of weeks randomly the steering would stop working both in meetups, TTT’S and races a D I would be thrown to the centre line with no draft. Also then about half the times this would happen I couldn’t change gears, so was stuck in the same gear. Disconnecting steering then turning off bike at the mains and then turning back on would solve the gearing issue. Can someone please assist?

I would test it on another app to see if the same thing happens. Sounds like a hardware issue rather than software.

Thanks. Has only started happening since the widescale roll-out of default steering on during the game. So last couple of weeks. I’ve heard of numerous people on Kickr bikes with steering problems - surely this isn’t a hardware issue for this all to be happening within the last couple of weeks? I’m guessing the gearing issue is a software connection bug tied in with steering bug?

Snap same issues, randomly turning on and off and re-pairing resolves the issue for a random amount of time.