Wahoo Kicker bike "Dropped Pedal Packets"

Since the recent release (13-Jun-2023, i think). Ive noticed the following:

  • Avatar does sudden pull to the right on group rides.

  • Many more close the gap calls when im mid group.

  • The sensation that im riding witb no draft much of the time on group rides.

  • Avatar not pedaling at times.

Thought it might of been Internet problems but not so over the 7 days never dropped and in ride Internet speed tests show 600Mbps down +500Mbps up. Ive also rebooted my AppleTv and the Wahoo bike.

So curious one other rider in my group with a Wahoo Kicker has also noticed similar weirdness. Anyone else?

The first point (Avatar pulls to the right) is an old problem that occurs when steering is activated. You might have not noticed it so far, because steering was not activated by default in group rides until recently.

Haven’t noticed any of the other effects you mentioned with my Kickr Bike v1.


My problem the last 7 days or so is huge increase in resistance when trying to sprint, only on certain sprints though (seems to be one’s with gradient changes)

I enter a sprint segment or the last 400m of a race and cadence is around 80 just try to wind up
Used to get to 100/105 but now I hit what feels like the spiral of death, I am still able to maintain some power but cadence is down to about 55 and all momentum is lost.

This happened with my kickr bike about 14months ago not long after first acquiring the bike but it seemed to rectify itself without me seeming to do anything

Curious I noticed by disabling steering in the small group ride; zero erroneous gap calls and the draft seemed back to normal and the dive to right was with everyone else.

So my feeling is the steering signals are clearly causing an issue. Better off disabling steering.

Remember at times after an upgrade the trainer difficulty setting gets reset.

Other than I seriously recommend disabling the steering to see how it feels on your sprints

Thanks Kevin

Actually noticed my trainer difficulty had changed, always have it around 50% and it was closer to 30% never noticed that before.

Did a little race yesterday and reenabled the steering as have had it off for a couple of weeks, didn’t notice any resistance issues but never did any real sprinting and race was only 22 mins long, so will continue testing different things. Fingers crossed it is something simple and not something wrong with the bike.

Known issue and fix is scheduled for mid-July. Though worth noting, they fixed and caused this a few times.

Hey Matt are you referring to the trainer difficulty or the steering causing oddness?


Steering oddness.

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