Kickr Connected But Rider won't move


My setup:

Wahoo Kickr
Apple TV

Everything worked perfectly. Now today I added a Wahoo cadence sensor. It still says my Kickr is connected as a power source and a controllable. Also the cadence sensor is connected. The calibration spindown was also successful. But everytime i want to start a ride the resistance is suddenly SUPER high, nothing shows in the top right corner and I can’t move the rider. Any suggestions? Firmware is up to date.


Hey Ken, thanks for writing in. Is your Kickr performing correctly in the Wahoo Fitness app?
Also can you send us a support conversation with your log files for the affected rides?

Support Conversation: Contact Us
How to find log files:


I don’t have a support file on apple TV I guess? On the wahoo app it’s the same. The spindown works fine and when I start a workout it’s too hard to pedal.



Yep my apologies! Apple TV does not have access to the log files currently. Since you can replicate it on the Wahoo app, it seems to be an issue with your Kickr and Cadence sensor’s connection.
Is your cadence sensor connected anywhere else, say even to the Wahoo app? Can you try checking if it is and see if you can forget the connection/disconnect your sensor from there?

Wahoo has an FAQ site too that may help: Understanding ERG Mode