Checking Resistance

I have just started using a new Kickr and have found that the resistance does not change significantly for different gradients. Is there someway to check what the resistance percentage is set at within Zwift?

Only place i can think of is:

  • From within a ride, click ‘Menu’
  • Settings
  • Check the ‘Trainer Resistance’ setting

Try setting it to MAX and see how that changes things. If that works, you can adjust the slider to suit you.


Thanks Brett I will try to do this and also re-set the Kickr with a spindown

Hello Stephen,
What platform are you riding ? Mac PC Android iOS ATV ?

I have been using an iPhone and streaming through Apple TV

Will - I also noticed that when I did a workout the resistance did not change at the various interval points and I needed to increase my cadence and / or change gear to achieve the watts. Is this because I now have a cadence sensor connected as previously when I didn’t have the sensor the resistance changed and was not dependant on the cadence?

Steven I apologize for my delayed response.
We definitely need logs and more details to triage this issue.
Generally speaking we don’t have any wide-spread issues with KICKR resistance or erg mode in workouts.

We have a new intake process, so you could try visiting us at

If that is not fruitful, then email
Thank you,

Wouldn’t it be easier to just use the Zwift app on the Apple TV? Why do you need to use the iPhone to run Zwift in this case?

The Kickr has built in cadence, do you also have an external cadence sensor? If so, you shouldn’t need it. Regardless, ERG mode should still work with or without it.

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The Apple TV I have is quite old and to my understanding it does not support the Zwift app directly as I have tried to search for the app without success.

I was unaware that the Kickr had internal cadence sensor. I bought the Kickr at the beginning of July and it came with the sensor and fitting instructions but I will try it with out as I am running the latest firmware.

Thanks for your help

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