Tacx Neo Smart Bike Steering

Zwift, you’ve had steering for the Elite Steerzo, Wahoo Kickr Bike, and Wattbike Atom for ages now, why not the Tacx Neo Smart Bike? It has been around just as long, and I’m sure there are plenty of users out there. This is a big deal for us who aren’t on one of the two smart bikes up there, and also can’t use the Steerzo


I’m waiting too.

Me too. Hurry up please.

I’ll add a bump for this one.

There’s a suggestion that steering is going to be a lot more common in events so it seems inevitable that all suitable trainers should be included. I’m guessing that there might have to be some collaboration between Zwift and Garmin on this one.

Zwifr’s new update show’s steering. So, WHEN will it work for Tacx?

Bump. When is steering coming to the neo bike?

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Its almost here :slight_smile:

try googling the below.

forums garmin tacx-neo-bike-smart—new-beta-available

yep works a treat shame no gear numbers on zwift tho!