Tacx Neobike - Steering

The exclusivity deal with Elite for steering ran out some time ago. The Tacx Neobike has steering buttons, that have been sat there ready to go for 2 years. Is there a plan to enable these for steering on Zwift?

What are the next steps with steering generally? I think it can be a powerful system, particularly for racing, but if you don’t extend it to a wider percentage of the userbase to get critical mass, it is next to useless.

The problem isn’t really the exclusivity deal with elite but more a exclusitity deal with zwift. According to DC Rainmaker for Zwift to enable the steering the companies has to agree to limit the use for other vendors. Garmin is of course hesitant to agree to that considering they have their own platform, and don’t want to give Zwift more power than they already have in the market