Stages SB20 or Tacx Neo Bike Steering

Both bikes have buttons ready for steering to be implemented
When is this likely to be??

Some response from Zwift would be welcome

Elite and Wahoo have steering sorted

Can add Wattbike Atom to that list aswell…

I’m of the understanding from Stages, that they had indeed signed the exclusivity agreement with Zwift back in March:

We have an agreement with Zwift to add StagesBike SB20 to the list of devices that can be used in steering events, however the update from Zwift was “Maybe April” for implementation. That is all I know at this point.

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As a owner of both bikes, that would be awesome :crossed_fingers:and of course the gear display on the HUD for Stages ( that will probably never happen :thinking: )


When will Zwift enable steering to these smart bikes: Stages and Tacx?? Please can you tell us?? Now, not days but years are passing by and no information, nothing yet.



STAGES Bike SB20 STEERING is still not available: I was told that it was already a close deal between Stages and Zwift and was about to come. This has never happened.
Can someone at ZWIFT confirm then that it is not going to become available??


its been so long - I completely forgot about steering :frowning:


Desperately awaiting NeoBike steering too.

@Wes can you share any news on existing Smart Bikes getting steering?


yes please. Also waiting for news on Stages Smart Bike steering. Thanks.

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From a comment from Jim at stages many months ago, the agreement was signed by Stages with Zwift for adding steering for the SB20 to Zwift - but I see we have nothing.

Im not really that bothered but what does annoy me is them selling the bikes, the Stages, the Neo and Kickr and yet the consumer isn’t able to fully use Zwift - I’ve never tried the mountain bike routes - as it’s not possible.

They need to be a lot clearer on the products page showing what features work / don’t work with Zwift.


Still waiting for gear display on SB20 as well…