Stages SB20- Steering and Gear Display

Please Zwift, can you please add steering and gear display for the Stages SB20. Why is this request still being ignored ???

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Thanks Paul. But how is it a priority for the wattbike atom then that they have put onscreen gear display :man_shrugging:t2: They’re not making sense here.

Just a guess: if the Wattbike weren’t already supported for gear display (2018) it probably wouldn’t be a priority now either.


How about the steering for the SB20 @ Zwift? Is this not a priority?

This seems to have been asked about on this forum in several places and some posts are from over a year ago. Thanks.

Second this. Would be nice to have on the screen or in the companion app. At the moment I have Zwift on the iPad and the companion add on my phone. I don’t have the room or the desire on my setup to have the stages app open so that I can see my gearing.


I would Also Like this as well I did see on another page from Stages facebook group that they have mentioned they have an agreement with Zwift and that is from 2021… to do this…

Yes please we have two Stages SB 20 in our house and would love gear info on the screen. Please please please :slight_smile:

How hard can it really be to implement this? I’m sure there is a large number of users on the stages bike.
May just be me but Zwift do seem pretty hopeless with updates or including useful features

There was another smart-bike manufacturer who copied the signal of the sterzo? But Zwift actively changed code so this wasn’t possible anymore.

So it looks like Zwift is doing a harder effort to not make it possibe then making it possible.

Edit: Found the article were I’ve read this. Manufacturer had to pay a license to gain access to the code. But manafucturer didn’t recieve any (or slowly) replies from Zwift HQ to buy said licence.

DCRainmaker claims, that Zwift asked the smart-trainer manufactures, to add in extra buttons for in game-steering.

We are 3 years after the first launch…. I still stand by my first remark

Please Zwift can SB20 Stages bike have steering and on screen gear display added.

Yes please! This would be an amazing feature game changer for SB 20 users

Yes please! Especially gear display!

Yes please. Gears definitely.

Yes please, gear display onscreen is a must.

Please add steering and a gear display. These would be relatively easy software changes since hardware is ready for updates. This would greatly increase client base towards zwift from the SB20 community. Win win for all.

Yes, please add this.

Yes, please implement. I’ve been waiting a long time for gear display for SB20 on Zwift.

please implement. I’ve been waiting a long time for gear display for SB20 on Zwift.

Gearing display for SB20 would be a great feature!