Gear display for Stages SB20


Out of frustration due to the Wahoo bike still not being available here i Denmark I bought a Stages SB20, and so far it seems pretty good. But it lacks any kind of display showing what gear you’re in…

Any chance that Zwift will add a gear display for this bike on the HUD ( I guess it would be something like the Wattbike solution ? ) ?

If other SB20 users like this too please vote to enhance our chances Zwift adding this :slightly_smiling_face:


The Stages Link app displays the gears and the left-right power balance. Is this not working for you?

Hi David

Oh yes the Link app works great but I would very much love to have my phone available for the companion app which is a big part of my Zwift experience :+1:

Of course I could add a another phone or tablet :grin:


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How long have the Kickr and Neo smart bikes been on the market? They’ve both got loads of buttons and potentially interesting ways to integrate with Zwift, but there’s nothing at all. At this point I suspect features like these are being withheld so they can be USPs for their own smart bike. Maybe that’s overly cynical, but it seems likely to me.

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I’ve just got one of these as well. Coming from a Neo and having ridden a Kickr '18, this thing is awesome to ride in terms of ride feel and the hardware is completely rock solid.

The lack of visual gear indication is a bit of an Achilles heel though and it would be great to have a visual representation of the cassette sprockets on the screen (or even just the sprocket number!)

Stages do have the gear display feature marked as “Future” on their 3rd party app support page.



Thanks for your input.

Also coming from a Neo it is a very different experience riding the SB20. It’s very smooth, sometimes too smooth to my taste since I’m sometimes missing the “klonk” from the traditional drivetrain when shifting :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: ( still has my Neo when I want that feeling :+1: )

How’s your power on the SB20 compared to the Neo ?. I seems to get slightly higher numbers on climbs on the SB20 - but that’s compared to a old bike with a well used drivetrain on a Neo, measuring after the drivetrain loss compared to the SB20 measuring just under my shoes :wink:

Well… back to the gear display… I’ve “surrendered” and run an extra iPad for the Stages link app, and it’s actually a great solution since it on top of showing the gears also give me left/right power and a extra display for the power and cadence.
I would still love Zwift to add the gear info on the HUD, hoping they don’t think to much about it conflicting with some hardware plans of their own in the future, but just want’s to keep customers happy :grinning:


I haven’t done any cross validation with my Vector3 pedals yet, but should be able to do that soon.

I’ve done something similar and am running an old Android phone as the Stages Link gear display and leaving it on a desk positioned under the handlebars. It’s not what I want to be doing, at all, but it does give the option to change the virtual drivetrain/gearing options on the fly.


A test with the Vectors on the SB20 for comparison would be highly interesting. Please tag or pm me when you have some data - thanks :hugs:

This seems like a great idea, if Zwift can implement it.

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Are you folks running dream drive? I totally shift by feel, one click up or down for each % rise or fall. If a surprise climb or decent happens I jump three up or down with the left shifter. Would like to see the left/right balance as I have an issues with an injured knee. Doesn’t Zwift actually have graphing left/right balance for the Atom?

I run Favero Assioma pedals and send the data to the Wahoo app. Data looks similar enough that I have never really spent much time evaluating it. I guess I could add the Wahoo data to Golden Cheetah and compare.

I’m using the dream drive mode, currently configured with 24 steps and +/-2 steps on the left buttons. It works pretty good for me but I’m missing the confirmation “clonk” from an ordinary drivetrain which probably is the main reason for the wish for a gear display.

At the moment I have an extra iPad set up for gear display, and it’s actually pretty nice to have the L/R power on display too.

Great to hear that you’re under the impression that the power readings from the Assioma´s and the SB20 seems close to each other.
Comparing between the SB20 and my old Neo it seems that I get higher numbers on the SB20, but it could be related to that it’s so smooth making it easier to produce a steady number ( I do a lot of climbing ) and/or the drivetrain, crank etc on the Neo setup being quite worn “eating” some watts.


I understand from recent reading that Stages via BT or Ant+ (not sure which or both) are sending gear selection info to Zwift - its up to Zwift to implement it.

As I have a SB20 on order - really hoping Zwift will unlock this…

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Hi Richard

Yes the the gear info should be transmitted - not sure if it is transmitted over both bluetooth and ANT+ and what format ( especially in dream mode :thinking: )
I had a quick look at the bluetooth data with the nRF Connect app, but didn’t find that much useful data during the quick test - it would take some more testing to see what it transmits, and I do really hope Zwift will add this.
And if we had unlimited wishes a left/right watt display too :wink:

Don’t forget to vote this topic if you wan’t to “push” Zwift and maybe even open a support request for it too.

And you will love the SB20 no matter what, especially on the long climbs it is amazing and so smooth :hugs:


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I’d really like to see L/R power collected, even if not displayed, to be sent to Zwift.


L/R data is very important to me as well. I started back into the indoor bicycling concept to prevent having a knee replacement. At this point the knee is doing great but watching the L/R data should help to keep it that way.

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It does exist other programs than zwift. For what you get, they are pricy enough, and with their work on a new price struckture, i am afraid it will be even more expencive. But for me, iv’e done all the courses, i am on level 50, so 1 cent up, and i am gone. I don’t need or want any fancy steering and things like that. We will see what happen.

Well, not so sure your «frustration» would been less with the kickr bike.
Other than the fancy up and down feature , wich i suspect will require a lot of maintance and service, i see in their forum that there are a lot of complaining, and people who are on their 4th bike already. So drive your stages and be happy. After all you got dual power, from a training perspective more usefull than jumping up and down.

I emailed Zwift support about this - and their response was to post on the forums - as that is where they gauge user requests :roll_eyes:

So here’s to hoping that this topic gets spotted by them.

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Crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers:, but I find it highly unlikely that we will see any kind of gear display on the HUD from Zwift.

Still… keep asking support and voting this topic ( and crossing our fingers ) is the only thing to do so far :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also voting for gear display!!

Yes you can feel it and see the speed changes, it would be nice to have as like last night I was trying to do a FPT and it would not shift. Kinda hard to do the test in 1st gear…

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