Steering, needs some steering?

Phase 2 of steering was launched in August 2020, what’s next for it? Will my 2 year old tacx neobike have its steering buttons enabled?

Same question, Wattbike Atom?

Was meant to be launched god knows how long ago, and it did get released (broken) by accident.

There was a much trumpeted link between zwift and wattbike… Since then the Atom experience has actually gone backwards.

Whilst its of course frustrating that for reasons we couldnt begin to imagine Zwift are not that great at supporting hardware innovations and products , you are not missing much , its not that well supported on the limited set of hardware it has been enabled for , and that also has involved removing support as much as adding it.

I am guessing its too much to ask just for steering (full stop) instead of what the current implementation is modelled on.


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I’d be happy with the lane changing method. If I ever got a chance to try it.