Gear Indicator and Steering enabled on Tacx NEO Bike Plus [June 2023]

Tacx Neo Bike Plus users will see steering and gear display in Zwift thanks to a server-side change we made recently.

What you’ll need:

  • NEO Bike Plus (and NEO Bike Smart with an upcoming Tacx firmware update).
  • Zwift version 1.39 and higher.
  • NEO Bike Smart will have this functionality after Tacx releases a firmware update mid-June 2023.

Please see the Tacx Support site for instructions on updating NEO Bike firmware.

Oh yes - HUGE THANKS :pray:

Waiting for that update, since I’m on the old Neobike ( number 6, but we don’t mention that :wink: ):crossed_fingers:


no noticed anything on the Plus running 1.41 and firmware 4.5.0. Tried ant+ and bluetooth.

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Hi @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA, apologies for the delay.

The NEO Bike Bike buttons are supported on Zwift only through the Bluetooth connection. If you have an opportunity to test button support, would you please try these steps:

  1. Launch Zwift
  2. Proceed to Paired Devices screen
  3. After normal Bluetooth connections are established for Tacx NEO Bike, open the Steering widget.
  4. Does the Tacx NEO Bike appear as an option to be selected?
  5. If so, please select the option and close the widget, then proceed into game and verify whether or not you can steer and also whether or not the current gear is displayed in the HUD.
  6. If not, please try to go into game, and once in the Zwift game world, open the Paired Devices screen and see if the option now appears.

It would help us to understand if the problem is the Tacx NEO Bike not showing up at all in the Steering widget or if, once selected, the steering and gear display features are not working properly for you.

Quick FYI

On a Neobike first version, firmware 0.0.46, Windows 10 and Bluetooth.
No steering or gear display - but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be until Tacx releases a new firmware.



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Not sure it the original Tacx Neo Bike will have this feature, Shuji mentioned only the Plus version of the Neo Bike…

" * NEO Bike Smart will have this functionality after Tacx releases a firmware update mid-June 2023."

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Need more coffee :rofl:

I gave it another go and steering works but still no gear display, will have another play tomorrow.

@shooj might want to change Shifting in the Title to Steering :wink:


I’ve found the issues with zwift version 1.41 and firmware 4.5.0 on the Plus.

Selecting Compact, Semi Compact or Double profiles and Gearing will display in zwift.
You dont need to pair Steering for the Gear Display to work.
Selecting Triple profile shows no Gears in zwift.
Adding a 12 speed Cassette to any profile shows no Gears in zwift.

Hopefully that should help those trying to set it up first time.


I just installed the beta 4.5.0 firmware for the neo non-plus bike and tried repack rush, it worked. Didn’t have any gear display, using a custom 2x12 setup. Don’t really care about that because I have a big screen showing my actual gear ratio on the bike right in front of my face.


Will braking be brought to the neobike?

cannot get the gears to display at all, running double 39/53 then 11 25-11, wanted as handy as I record races to see cadence vs gear in full tilt.

How are most people setting up the buttons on the neo bike for steering? I’ve been using Shimano setup but my real bike is campy… thoughts?

I’ve been on a Tacx smart bike for 3 years and can’t remember ever having a connection issue.
Since the update there’ve been 2 dropouts…
Wish I knew if it’s only coincidence

i use the new 4.5.0 Beta Firmware on the old Tacx NEO Bike and it works really good, steering and shifting works, but i only see the gear Indicator in the Repack Rush Route, is this normal or i have to see it on all other Routes too?
Or is gear indicator not available when you ride a workout?

i tried Climb Portal yesterday and shifting information was here, so shifting information is only here with ERG off, or?

( Neo Bike, not plus) Steering not working, made sure have all updates ,nothing after normal connection, nothing after starting the game ,not working with blu or ant , nothing show up in the widget at any time .Dose what gearing you have selected have any affect or dose the bike need to be configured a particular way ?

Are you on the latest version of the firmware available through the app, or did you install the beta firmware?