Gear Indicator and Steering enabled on Tacx NEO Bike Plus [June 2023]

On the latest version for both app and bike . Have double checked both ,Garmin has sent me a beta firmware will load that up if that is what’s need to make it function

You need to be on version 4.5.0 which is the beta. If you’re on 0.0.46 that’s not going to enable steering

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I appreciate the update for steering on Tacx neo Bike plus. I also have the Zwift play paddles. They are not playing well together. Sometimes I have been able to use the paddles along with Neo bike plus steering, but most of the time it shows a conflict. Can you tell me how to solve this? I don’t know how to turn tacx Bike steering off. There is no option for that in their app. And when I simply try to click on the two paddles, it won’t allow it.

Thanks ,got the correct version. Had an issue, after downloading . the blu would come up on the zwift app and then drop ,my understanding is you have to use blu to connect or the steering will not work when you are using ant, that appeared the case, but what i found was on the PC the Neo was showing up as a Blu device i had to delete it as a device when i reconnected it no longer shows up on the devices list but everything functions as it should . in the interim i did try it with connect to the phone that did work , i guess if someone else is having an issue with the app connecting to blu then stopping that might be the issue . Could you confirm that the steering only works when your connected to blu and doesn’t when you use ant
Thanks for your time, I think this will add another cool layer to Zwift …
Eric K

Found a device connection issue. I’ve got the bike paired on ant as FEC for controllable and cadence and power. Won’t connect as a steering device, just doesn’t appear in the list.

Pair any one of the three and then it can be paired as steering (over Bluetooth).

Change the device back to ant, steering still shows connected but no steering functionality despite the little blue steering on bubble displaying.


BTW, I didn’t see it above, but the link to install the 4.5 firmware is available in the garmin forums. Can’t post it here unfortunately, but if you search for it you will find it.

You can’t get the upgrade currently through the regular app firmware update tool.