Straight from the Zwifters mouth! Need the opinion of the zwift community. Is it safe to buy Kickr Climb yet?

I am going to be upgrading my zwift experience here for the fall season (East coast usa) and I am pretty much set on the kickr core @ this point from both a pricing and function perspective. However what is holding me back at the moment from perhaps getting the$1,000.00 model from Cyclops is the Kickr Climb.

Is this product safe to purchase yet? I saw that the initial launch was very hit or miss, to the point the CEO of wahoo had to address the products malfunctions. For any of you who purchased a Kickr climb and had to replace it, or just returned it and never went back to it, to newer owners of it what is your perspective?


I’ve had my Kickr Climb for nearly a year- ordered it as soon as I got the early access email- and I haven’t had a single problem. It just works.

Setup was pretty straightforward and Wahoo includes a lot of adapters in the box for different hubs. Pairing with the Kickr was quick and easy.

I can’t imagine riding without it. I still smile every time I ride over the rope bridge in the jungle ruins. Is it a necessity? No. But it’s a lot of fun and I feel makes indoor training just a bit more realistic.

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I think the issue you referred to was with the kickr trainer, not the climb.

My climb broke after 4 month and ~4000km on zwift.
But wahoo replaced the climb in a week without any stress for me.

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I’ve gone through four Kickr18 trainers, have the latest serial number model now and so far so good. I really hope Wahoo have the issue resolved. I’m nervous as the second until lasted around three months, the third less than a week but the reseller and Wahoo support have been great. Swapped them out, no questions asked. It’s been a painful journey but I stuck with it as I really wanted the Climb. Have been using it for around two months now, it just works… no problems at all.